Planned Parenthood’s Obscene Profits (by Michelle Malkin)

I thought this was an interesting article written by Michelle Malkin, titled Planned Parenthood’s Obscene Profits . Here’s an excerpt:

… In April, the annual report for Planned Parenthood Federation of America revealed that the abortion giant had a total income of $1.02 billion — with reported profits of nearly $115 million. Taxpayers kick in more than $336 million worth of government grants and contracts at both the state and federal levels. That’s a third of Planned Parenthood’s budget. And what market-distorting results do we get for those government incentives? In 2006 alone: 289,750 abortions. Oil execs, tobacco execs, banking execs, pharmaceutical company execs and baseball players have all been hauled up before Congress for highly publicized whippings by crusading lawmakers. But the executives of Planned Parenthood have escaped government scrutiny and public accountability for their predatory behavior, dangerous medical practices, deception and deadly windfall. …

Read the whole article here: Planned Parenthood’s Obscene Profits When you have a chance, read it and let us know your thoughts about this article. God Bless, Roger

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