Planned Parenthood chooses censorship

Planned Parenthood has an irrational fear of “rabid anti-choicers” who are out to take their rights away. I can’t think of a way to explain it other than guilt over what they do. Here’s a quote from a recent post on PP Aurora’s blog:

I was reading the other day about the 1916 police raid on Margaret Sanger’s family planning clinic in Brooklyn where she and her sister were arrested for disseminating information to patients about contraception. It’s amazing to me that almost 100 years later, it seems like little has changed.

As laughable as PP’s myopic view of their victim status is, one thing that has changed in the last century: Instead of being censored, Planned Parenthood has become the censor! Yesterday we learned that our pamphlets of information about how babies develop and where women can get help if they don’t want an abortion are on Planned Parenthood’s banned books list! Sidewalk counselor Karen Koller reports she was speaking with a young lady who was going to Planned Parenthood for birth control but was very interested in the literature Karen gave her. On her way out of Planned Parenthood, she stopped to ask Karen for some more literature. She needed more because Planned Parenthood employees had taken it away from her! They forced her to give them the literature she had received from our sidewalk counselors. Karen said employees told the girl, “We need to take these” and when she said she wanted to keep them she was told the pamphlets were “not allowed in here”. The young lady was livid and, after getting more literature from Karen, told her she was never coming back to Planned Parenthood after their rudeness and, let’s call a spade a spade, theft of her materials. Pro-choice indeed! Time and again we hear that all Planned Parenthood wants to do is help women make informed choices. No bias, no agenda, just the facts. Incidents like this make the truth clear. They exist to sell a product and a lifestyle: abortion and birth control, and the promiscuous lifestyle those products support. Anything that gets in their way has got to be removed, even if they have to resort to bully tactics like censorship, coercion, and theft.

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