On the Winning Side!

Dear friends in the pro-life movement: Christ is risen! We rejoice in His victory over death and the triumph of His Kingdom. What special meaning does Easter have for all of us who work to bring an end to abortion, the greatest destroyer of the Culture of Life? On Easter we celebrate and commemorate Christ’s rising from the dead. What exactly happened when He rose from the dead? He conquered the Kingdom of Death! Forever! No more is death a power, a kingdom, a mighty conqueror. In His rising we have new and everlasting life. Christ’s conquering of the Kingdom of Death by His Resurrection is our greatest inspiration and hope in the pro-life movement. We can do our work with renewed assurance and conviction that we are on the winning side, the side that will not lose, will not lose as surely as Christ did rise from the dead, because through that rising He destroyed the Kingdom of Death. What stronger and more victorious Captain could we dream of, than He who by His own power rose from the dead and destroyed that Kingdom? He now leads us on to certain victory in our efforts to renew a respect and love for the dignity and life of every person, victory in our battle against the greatest destroyer of the Culture of Life. The Kingdom of Death, though trying to reign, will never and can never win, because Christ conquered it through His Resurrection from the dead and is our Captain in our work for life. For us in the pro-life movement, the conquering of the Kingdom of Death does not mean that we will not die at the end of our lives. It rather means that death is no longer a power that can reign in our world and in our souls. These reflections should give us all new courage, hope, and certainty that we are on the winning side, the side that will win because Christ has already conquered for us the Kingdom of Death. We have but to fight this Kingdom’s efforts to regain power. And because it’s powers have been already broken and crushed by the Resurrection, we will win. A happy and blessed Easter to all! God bless.

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