New Series: Why we are against Planned Parenthood in particular

Planned Parenthood Bad for Aurora Sign Outside Planned Parenthood AuroraOver the next two weeks, I will be posting explanations to this blog of why we are fighting Planned Parenthood in particular, rather than simply criticizing all abortion providers. I will be addressing each issue separately and providing a number of links for further information. I look forward to a passionate discussion on these topics! So first, who/what is Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood is the epitome of the abortion-on-demand movement and its goals. They actively seek to bring abortion to the entire world. They perform 197,000 abortions each year; they have performed more than three million abortions since 1970. Operating 855 clinics, they are America’s largest abortion chain. And they received $2.2 billion dollars in taxpayer funds between 1987 and 2001. A whopping 30% of PP’s income is from the government. The Joint Summit Resolution from the Pro-Life Action League’s National Pro-Life Leadership Summit is also very clear about why pro-life groups oppose Planned Parenthood. We hope that, as we expose the true face of Planned Parenthood to America, people will realize that (in the words of Fr. Frank Pavone), you can’t practice vice virtuously . Planned Parenthood not only kills babies, but they hurt girls and women. They lie, deceive, and cheat. They seek profit above all. This series of posts will detail a wide range of immoral, illegal, and deceptive practices that Planned Parenthood is engaged in and connected to. And once you know how bad PP really is, we hope you will join us in fighting them. Individuals are able to have an impact on Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Despite their desire to do so, PP cannot ignore large numbers of mobilized pro-life activists. In Aurora, our “Planned Parenthood: Bad for Aurora” signs yard signs were so numerous that PP tried passing out its own yard signs-but they had to lie to get their signs into people’s yards! STOPP International documents a great number of success stories on their site of individuals and groups who have been able to impede the opening of new facilities. The 40 Days for Life Vigil is another testament to the success of individuals gathering together-at the midpoint rally on Tuesday, October 14, leaders reported 268 confirmed reports of saved babies! Also tellingly, their clinics have a high turnover rate. Last year 21 clinics closed and 25 new clinics opened to replace them. We can stop abortion when we work together! —Corrina

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