Inexpressibly Disgusting

“Choice on Earth” Christmas cards, gift certificates for Planned Parenthood, “Free Christmas Packs” of abortifacient and contraceptive pills: inexpressibly disgusting! These are examples of Planned Parenthood and other abortion-providing organizations’ new forms of degrading Christmas. They aren’t content with killing babies and wounding their mothers and families; they also have to degrade and insult the great occasion that marks the birth of our Saviour, and that also is the fulfillment of Mary’s “yes” to God’s will for her life, even though it was unexpected and not yet totally understood by her. Maybe that’s why they hate Christmas so much: because at Christmas we see only love, dedication, self-sacrifice, and joy by Mary and Joseph as they welcome their Child into this world; whereas Planned Parenthood’s mission is to sow hatred, disloyalty, selfishness, and deep sorrow in the lives of its mother-victims as Planned Parenthood urges and assists them to kill their children, not welcome them. I would naturally think that Planned Parenthood would leave Christmas alone. I would think that they would just let it come and go and run its course and then go on with their death business. I guess I expect a sort of respectful silence from them at Christmas. But no. They have to degrade it to the very dirt with their filthy, disgusting offers to all the poor young people whom they work tirelessly to seduce and ruin. Where is Planned Parenthood’s “professionalism”? I think, like I mentioned earlier, that Planned Parenthood just plain hates Christmas a lot, and also, I’m sure that they are terribly afraid of it. Afraid of the beauty, hope, joy, and giving that makes Christmas, and they can’t stand to just watch their work be challenged by the effects of Christmas. They feel the need to fight back. To fight back with their worst and most offensive assaults. Because they know that Christmas is so powerful that nothing any less will really stand a chance. Let’s continue to make Christmas a powerfully wonderful time in our world by living each day, in our own special ways, the message of Christmas joy, hope, beauty, selflessness, giving, love! Of course the devil will rage and have fits; he can’t just sit and watch his kingdom disintegrate. God bless.

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