I wonder why?

A condensed portion of this post has been sent to the Beacon letter to the editor – but I’m posting here to share with all of you as who knows if it will get to print.

I guess I’m naïve but I don’t understand why the city fought so hard to keep the truth from surfacing in the zoning issue with the Planned Parenthood facility. I, for one, would like to see the truth brought out—whatever that may be. When the zoning appeal was made, I thought it would be a debate with the owner of the Planned Parenthood facility; instead it has been a debate with the city, with the Planned Parenthood lawyer, basically saying ‘yeah, what she said’. When this started, I thought the city would be the neutral party in this, wanting only to ensure the right thing was done for its citizens (i.e. city ordinances were followed). Instead, due to motions filed by the city (not by the owner of the facility), the issue will go to court and our taxpayer money will be spent far away so none of the citizens get to hear firsthand the evidence and testimony of what really happened. I got interested in this issue because I don’t want an abortion clinic in Aurora (or anywhere). Now I’m also interested because I wonder exactly how and why the city continues to not only allow them to remain, but to protect – with my tax dollars, outside entities against allegations of having lied to the city and citizens and violating numerous zoning regulations. Maybe the allegations are wrong and they’re in compliance and didn’t lie (even though PP CEO admitted to doing so) but it will now be months or years before the truth is made public– because the city has successfully shut down the discussion here in Aurora and it will now be held in state court – away from the ears of Aurorans but with the pocketbook of its citizens. I wonder why the administration of the city of Aurora fought so hard to keep the truth from being heard . . .

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