“I Saw Some Things I Can’t Get Out of My Head”

Imagine you’re a “pro-choice” first-year medical student who spends a day at an abortion clinic for the first time. That’s the perspective taken by an anonymous writer on her blog, Pudu Overload (it’s now offline), where she wrote about being “incredibly freaked out” about her experience at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Saturday. But before it was removed, pro-life blogger Dawn Eden reprinted the entire post on her own blog (where she also included screenshots of the original post). The first abortionist the med student shadowed was “a 66 y/o male doctor who has performed 200,000 abortions” in nearly 40 years:

I asked the doctor about why he does what he does and he said “I have a great job–no one else can have a patient walk in the door with a huge problem and completely fix that for them in five minutes.”

Later in the day, she said, “the nurse brought me to the back room again and I saw some things I can’t get out of my head.” Dawn is asking for prayers for this med student, and many other pro-life bloggers are, too, including one who wrote:

Before babies can be killed, consciences must be seared. One student (who describes herself as prochoice) has something go right in her soul, despite her efforts to submit to the searing process. I pray the Holy Spirit and her guardian angel help her to keep her conscience alive and not submit to the lies she is tempted to believe for the sake of ideology and career advancement. Save her, O Lord!


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