Hello and Introduction from Another New Guest Blogger

Hello everyone! My name is Margaret and I am another one of the student guest bloggers who will be posting my pro-life news, reflections and experiences on this site. Like Christina, I am thrilled to be involved in the pro-life movement in this way and I am very grateful for the invitation to write on this blog! I am especially excited because not only does this site give me the chance to be able to continually put in my two cents about pro-life issues, but it allows me publicize upcoming events and fundraisers being put on by my church’s new teen pro-life group, Apostles for Life, as well as other clubs in the area! Now, let me tell you a little about myself- I am sixteen years old (seventeen later this month!) and a junior in high school. I am primarily home schooled, but I also take some classes at my local community college. I live in a little suburb about forty minutes west of Chicago, Illinois. I am the third of five children, with one older sister and brother and two younger brothers. I have basically been involved in the pro-life movement as long as I can remember, but I did not become a passionate member until my teen years when I started discovering for myself what it means to be pro-life. My hobbies include: playing the flute and the tuba (but never at the same time), helping teach catechism at my church, volunteering with my 4-H group, working at my part-time job, and participating in my local pro-life club. Right now, my main focus has been working with the already mentioned pro-life club, Apostles for Life, at my church, Sacred Heart. We are currently planning a baby bottle fundraiser where the proceeds will go directly to the crisis pregnancy center Woman’s Choice Services. For all of you who are not familiar with how a baby bottle fundraiser works, a pro-life organization passes out baby bottles for everyone to take home. Then, each individual who took a bottle fills it up with money or loose change until the bottle is full. Then everyone returns their bottles and the organization donates the money to a crisis pregnancy center or other pro-life cause. We will be passing out bottles at all of the Masses at Sacred Heart in Lombard, IL, the weekend of March 8-9. Please pray for the success of our first fundraiser! I hope to be able to post more soon. Until then- God bless!

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