Google Documents FAPP Presence at Planned Parenthood Aurora

Click for larger versionTwo new finds on the web have documented the tenacity of Fox Valley Families’ prayer and counseling presence at Planned Parenthood Aurora. First, proving that you can’t even think about Planned Parenthood Aurora without mentioning Fox Valley Families, the recently updated Google Maps “Street View” pictures clearly show two pro-lifers praying and counseling outside Planned Parenthood. For those of you unfamiliar, on Google Maps, you can choose a “Street View” option that shows actual pictures taken on the ground of the street you’re looking at on the map. Just recently Google added this feature for the section of New York Street where Planned Parenthood resides. Sure enough, as clear as can be, there are two of our dedicated prayer warriors standing up for life. Google Maps view of Planned Parenthood Aurora, before and afterSecond, you can also now see the Planned Parenthood Aurora facility on Google Maps satellite view. Ever since the Planned Parenthood controversy erupted, all that’s been on satellite maps has been the empty lot that was there before. Now there is documented evidence of their presence in Aurora. Planned Parenthood Chicago executive Steve Trombley predicted in the early days of this fiasco that after a month or so all the pro-lifers would go back to their regular day to day lives and let Planned Parenthood conduct their business unencumbered. Steve couldn’t have been more wrong, as these pictures illustrate so clearly. We are a permanent fixture at Planned Parenthood Aurora. As long as Planned Parenthood is killing babies, we will be there to stand up for their rights as human beings, to save them if we can, and stand as a living memorial to their value as people. As long as Planned Parenthood is deceiving women, attempting to silence truth about the life in their wombs, and saddling women with a life of post-abortive depression and guilt, we will be there to help them, to offer alternatives to abortion and help with whatever they need. We stand as a testament to the value of life that Planned Parenthood is so eager to destroy. So come be part of the historic effort. Join the Life Support prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood today. Prayer partners are needed, all you have to do is check the calendar by following the Life Support link at the top of this page, follow the simple directions, and join the fight to save unborn babies and their mothers from the pain of abortion, both here in Aurora and as far as Google Maps can be seen!

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