Fox Valley Families going strong

March 15 protest at Planned Parenthood (Photo by Sam Scheidler)“Abortion clinic protesters have no plans to stop” reads the headline of an article in today’s Aurora Beacon News. They’ve got that right, and this past Saturday’s protest and clinic witness seminar signify how strong the pro-life commitment remains in the Fox Valley. Over 120 people came out for the protest Saturday, March 15—our fifth regular monthly protest. As always the crowd was upbeat, especially when they learned that a baby was saved from abortion right as the protest began. A couple spoke to a pro-life counselor and decided to cancel their appointment at Planned Parenthood and get help from a pregnancy resource center. Following the protest we held a seminar on sidewalk counseling at the nearby Village Baptist Church, with a multi-media presentation by veteran counselor JT Eschbach. Over 50 participants learned how to reach out to abortion-bound mothers with care and compassion. Nearly 200 pro-lifers have received sidewalk counseling training in the four seminars held in Aurora since Planned Parenthood opened in October. Photo by Sam ScheidlerOur next protest at Planned Parenthood will be held April 26—a departure from the “third Saturday” schedule adhered to until now. This is to increase our chances for good weather for the special Spring pro-life rally we’re planning for that day—details coming soon.

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