Face the Truth Recap

Our Face the Truth Tour last week went great. We had the biggest crowds we’ve seen in years—at three sites in particular (including one where it rained almost the entire time) we had enough volunteers to hold all 84 of our large signs. We handed out so much literature we nearly ran out halfway through the Tour and had to have another 10,000 copies printed. Most police we dealt with were very cooperative, with only a few exceptions, just like last year. We returned to Libertyville, where the infamous “Libertyville Abortion Demonstration” video was filmed three years ago (and which was referred to in an Anna Quindlen Newsweek column last year) and got footage for a long overdue video response. Most importantly, though, countless hearts were changed, and in some cases, scheduled abortions were cancelled. We hope to have a full report on this year’s Tour on the Pro-Life Action League site soon.

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