Down Goes the Fence

In an interesting twist, the infamous Dominick’s fence came down yesterday afternoon, and with it many of the flowers and other commemorations pro-lifers had attached to it over the last six months.

In trying to figure out why it came down yesterday particularly, I took a look at the permit documentation for that fence, which we acquired back in December. You’ll recall that the fence went up in October, after Planned Parenthood launched a nationwide effort to flood Dominick’s, and their parent company Safeway, with phone calls complaining about our presence on their property. Dominick’s received a six month fence permit which expired yesterday. What’s strange is that they only had permission for a temporary fence through December 10, 2007. By all rights it seems that the chain link fence should have come down and been replaced by something permanent four months ago.

Though we were certainly distraught when the fence was erected, as with so many things that Planned Parenthood has tried to use against us, it never impacted our ability to protest and minister to abortion-bound mothers. We continued to rally, pray, counsel, sing Christmas carols, and display pro-life signs just as effectively as we did before.

So why didn’t the fence come down when it was supposed to? Will there be another, more permanent fence? Will this make our lives at Planned Parenthood easier or more difficult? Why doesn’t the rule of law apply to anything in or around Planned Parenthood?

Answers will only come with time, but two things are certain: Life is never boring at Planned Parenthood Aurora, and no matter what lengths Planned Parenthood takes to stop us, we will not be stopped from bringing hope to babies and their mothers, and showing Aurora the truth about abortion.

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