Death-Doctor Shortages

I have read one or two articles that said the pro-abortion movement might be in trouble, that they could soon have a sort of crisis to deal with: they’re running out of abortionists! Sweet! New doctors aren’t wanting to spend their time killing babies and wounding mothers and fathers. They aren’t interested in becoming “doctors of death”. This is of course a great thing for the pro-life movement and the Culture of Life! And it also wonderfully honors the great dignity of the high calling and profession of doctors: to heal, not to kill. And get this: we know that one of the most destructive times for any movement or organization is when it begins to disenegrate from within; in other words, loosing members or not gaining new ones due to lack of attractiveness for prospective new members. And this is apparently what is beginning to happen to the Culture of Death pro-abortion movement! What’s with all the loud praise for abortion and its greatness as a “woman’s right”? When there is a hard time finding doctors who will happily accomodate such an “important decision for a woman’s freedom, equality, and empowerment”. There is a very insightful article about a young woman studying medicine who had wanted to learn abortions and provide them as a doctor, but who has now decided against it due to the brutality and gruesomeness of the evil. Read it here! It is crucial for young people such as the student in this article (and all young people) to really understand what abortion is. Instead of just taking for truth all the talking-up that is done to abortion by the pro-abortion movement and the media. But it must be terribly hard to be an abortionist and remain sane. I’ve read that they do have to totally remove themselves from realizing the fact that they are killing little babies. They have to just focus completely on the mother and the lie that they are just executing a medical procedure, the removal of an unwanted problem that is affecting the life of the mother. Weird twist to things. Strange brainwashings. Maybe it would just be easier to get out of the business of baby-killing. And one abortionist said he had a hard time killing unborn babies that were the same age as his own unborn baby. I bet. But it is just great and exciting to know that the pro-abortion movement, for all their propaganda, are having a hard time finding doctors for their grisly business! An important step in abortion becoming no longer a part of our society. God bless.

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