Back to their old tricks

Button reading Planned Parenthood is at it again, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is already home to one Planned Parenthood which has drawn controversy for hiding statutory rapists. Now, Lifenews.com reports they are using the same methods they used here in Aurora to sneak a new mega-mill into town. And where have they decided to place this new killing center? Across the street from Cincinnati’s predominantly African-American high school. How can they keep arguing they’re not trying to reduce minority populations when they keep targeting minorities with their population reducing services? By filling out permits under the name Auburn Avenue Parking, Planned Parenthood was again able to avert suspicion for a time. Fortunately, thanks to our experiences here, the pro-life community around the country is scrutinizing building permits and zoning maps to be sure Planned Parenthood doesn’t try to bring the abortion holocaust to their back yards. Vigilant pro-lifers in Cincinnati caught on to their plan early on and, with the help of STOPP International’s Jim Sedlak, they are beginning the fight early. Few details have come to light yet, but we will keep you informed here as we get the facts. Please keep the Cincinnati pro-life community in your prayers.

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