Abortion-Supporter Tells the Truth About Abortion!

Yes, it’s true! Just read this article. I’m still a little in shock. So I guess we finally ran into a pro-abortion person who actually admits what she really supports! Why did it take so long? Why aren’t they all as proud to face up to abortion as we are to face up to life? I tell you, it is so easy to be on the pro-life side in this battle! It’s easy to argue in support of the truth, because it’s all real, it all does really exist. What gets hard is arguing in support of lies, of stuff that dosen’t exist, because you have to make it all up and then support it, somehow. So every now and then we should step back and see how easy we have it here in the pro-life movement! We’re just upholding and confirming and explaining truth. The people who have it the most difficult, the people who work the hardest, are those who support abortion. I was wondering how the woman in the above-mentioned article could so outspokenly confirm abortion as murder and so whole-heartedly support it still! Then I read that she is an athiest. That kind of explained everything. Again and again I have thought that we can never have a Culture of Life without God. Because God is the reason that we hold human life sacred and an inalienable right in the first place. But thinking again, I often wonder how many true atheists there really are! How many people truly and totally believe there is no God? How many people who say they are atheists, would, in certain desperate situations, just start praying for help? I often wonder. There are no atheists in foxholes. Many people say they are atheist. But is it just that it takes a foxhole to bring to their minds the fact that there is a God? This is all interesting stuff. God bless.

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