“Abortion: Is That All You Think About?”

“Abortion: is that all you think about?” If you’re a pro-life activist, you will be asked this question sooner or later. Now, this is actually a very good question and can lead to you being able to tell your questioner some important things about why you put so much time, energy, and devotion into pro-life work. You may very well even be able to convince him or her that doing a lot of pro-life work makes total sense. See, you can tell your questioner, everything begins with life. Firstly, ask the person what else he or she thinks is important and should receive your time, effort, and energy. They’ll most likely mention such things as better housing for poor people, food for starving children in Africa, an end to the war in Iraq, a better economy, and etc. You can then say, “Yes, these are all important, but in order for these to have any significance, meaning, or necessity, people have to be alive; therefore we are first fighting for the right to life”. Why do we all insist that people have a right to better housing, a good economy, good jobs, a safe home? The reason is that people have a right to life! Why do we become angry about the starvation of poor children in Africa and resolve to do something to help end that starvation and insist that those children have a right to the food they need? The reason is that every one of these children has a right to life! Again it all comes down to: If we’re all dead, we don’t need food, housing, a good economy, a safe country, good jobs, peace in our world. The only reason that we work for all these good things and insist that every person has a right to them is because: Every one of us has a right to life! When that right to life is transgressed and trampled upon, our most important social work is to restore a respect and love for that right, to defend that right, to see to it that we do not stand by while so great a wrong takes place. If we spend much time working for social justices and improvements such as a better economy, better homes for people, a good job for every person, a college education for every student, food for starving children, an end to war, an end to child abuse, etc., that is very good and very important, but at the same time we must do something to help end abortion. Because if we do not fight for the very right to life while doing all those good things to help improve human life, where are we? What’s the purpose here? Nobody is going to need or want any improvements to their lives if they are dead. First and foremost, defend their right to life in the first place! Here’s another way to look at it. If you encountered someone who was being dragged away to be unjustly killed, and they were calling out to you for help, they wouldn’t be calling out for better housing, a college education, food and nourishment, a good job, an end to war. None of those would matter at the moment. The thing that would matter most at that moment would be their right to life, their need for you to defend and save their life. If you did nothing, that would be the end of it. You’d never be able to help that person with any social improvement or bettering of their lives. Because you failed to defend that which made all social improvement good and necessary: their right to life! Giving your time and energy to social justices and improvements and at the same time doing nothing to help end abortion is like starting at the top and going down, instead of starting at the bottom and going up. When building a house, no carpenter first builds the roof and walls: they’d have nothing to be built on and stand on. They build the foundation first. They start at the bottom and go up. When working to improve or honor human life, first defend the right to life. You will then have a firm and real foundation for your social work. God bless.

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