A Key to the Popularity of Harry Potter Books.

Whew! J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books are popular! With tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of these books being sold, we’re wondering what is the key to the immense popularity of this series. I came across a very interesting article that I believe gives at least one key to why Harry Potter is such a hit with my generation. And given the fact that our times are immersed in the Culture of Death, the article made a lot of sense to me. This article can be read here, and is titled, “Harry Potter, the Archetype of an Abortion Survivor”. It was written by Dr. Philip Ney, the famed child phsychiatrist and phsychologist, and his wife. It discusses how the story of Harry Potter happens to match almost perfectly the mind frame, struggles, emotions, and difficulties of young people who are abortion survivors! And it mentions that these youth have taken a great interest in Harry Potter because in his problems, struggles, emotions, and difficulties, they seem to recognize their own lives. Now who are abortion survivors? An abortion survivor is anyone who was almost aborted or who easily could have or might have been aborted. It is common for all those born after January 22, 1973, to be known as “abortion survivors”, but in the article that I am referring to, the term “abortion survivors” only includes those people who were almost aborted or who could easily have been aborted. This article might certainly hold the key to the popularity of Harry Potter. All the young people who have survived abortion are constantly seeking (often unconsiously) to sort out their lives and find answers to their many questions and difficulties that have arisen after they found out that they are abortion survivors. Perhaps they find in Harry Potter an expression of their difficulties. And with that comes their hope that such difficulties can be resolved. Who knows how Ms. Rowling could write so perfectly the untold story of one of today’s great tragedies? However, Harry Potter will not, I believe, be a good source for the healing of abortion survivors. They may see their story there, but yet it cannot help them a lot because it is at the same time a very ungodly tale. And how can they heal without God? Someone needs to write another story that is parellel to the difficulties that abortion survivors face, but which is at the same time a path to real healing for them. God bless.

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