A Great Story on Pro-Life Politics!

I am very interested in this year’s elections and how they are going to turn out, and I am trying to do as much as possible to help see to it that we elect pro-life politicians, especially the President. So when I was at my local fair this summer, helping tend the pro-life booth there, I jumped at the opportunity to approach the people who were tending the Democrat booth, and ask them if they knew, and were comfortable with, the extreme pro-abortion views of Barack Obama. This was definitely going to be a new experience for me, and I was actually a little nervous. I knew, however, that I really wanted to do this, so I began making my way over to the booth. Another thing that unnerved me a little was the fact that I was going to be talking with experienced democrates, well-versed and perhaps trained in all the views of their party. They weren’t manning that booth for nothing. I have not had a bunch of experience with talking with such trained people, and here I am this teenager! But I knew that I have a pretty good understanding of the various issues on abortion, and that I have gained quite a bit of experience about how to effectively discuss and debate from all the college students that I have talked to over the years. So I felt adequately equipped to take on Southwest Washington’s Democratic Party! Whew! Before I even approached this booth, however, I expressly made a rule to not let the converstation get heated, and to not be overbearing or imposing or aggressive. I was just there to quietly ask these people how they can accept and support a candidate who so passionately supports the killing of innocent children. The lady who I mainly talked to was in her fifties, and was a nice person. She appreciated me and my concerns, and gave me her time. We will call her Pat. I started out by asking her if she knew that Obama supports infanticide. She denied knowing it, and wanted to see authorization on this particular claim. I promised to provide it for her through email. Then I mentioned Obama’s support for abortion. Pat immediately jumped in with this: “When did he say he supports abortion? I never heard him say that!” Wow! I just knew that these were going to be experienced Democrats! I could only promise again to send her authorization confirming that Obama does support abortion! But dosen’t this sound weird? And it got even weirder! When I eventually asked Pat if she supports choice, she said yes. So I asked, “Choice of what?” And she answered, “Life!” The only way that I could get it out of her that Obama supports abortion was by asking her if he supports Roe vs. Wade. She had to say yes to this, and she had to admit that therefore he did indirectly support abortion. Can you believe all this? I couldn’t! It was almost as if I was speaking to a pro-life person and a pro-life candidate, the way Pat was talking. She was too ashamed to admit to me that she and Obama support abortion. I just can’t get over how adamantly she refused to say that she supports abortion! She probably really believes that she does not support it. Either that or she was just an extremely experienced Democrat, and that’s why she was in that booth! Anyway, so now comes the best and most awesome question that I asked Pat. I wanted to know how I should be expected to confidantly vote for Obama, when he supports Roe vs. Wade, which could have legally killed me, since I am nineteen. And so Obama would have supported my death! How, I demanded, could I trust such a man? Whoa! This was the worst question for Pat, and she DID NOT want to have to deal with that one! Again and again, I asked her it, and again and again she tried to take me off on some other course of conversation. But I would not be satisfied until I could have this question answered. So we did discuss many other things, but at the end of the converstation, I asked the above-mentioned question once more, and said I needed an answer. She then admitted that yes, that one could not be sorted out!!! Wow! I’m finding that this particular question is absolutely magic, especially if you’re a teenager, and are standing right there demanding how Obama can ask for your vote and at the same time declare that he supports legalized abortion, which could have killed you! I first got the idea of asking this question from Fr. Frank Pavone. I especially love it because it concerns each of us personally, and it makes the abortion issue become alive and personal. The reality of what abortion does really comes out in this question. It is no longer a far-away right or choice, but something that kills people. Pat and I covered many other things in our conversation, and it is my hope that I gave her much to think about. One question that they asked me in the beginning was if a woman should be able to get an abortion after being raped. I looked them in the eye and said in answer, “No child should have to die for the crime of his father!” They stopped dead for one or two seconds and then said, “That’s right.” Sweet! All in all, they must have been wondering what made me tick and how I knew so well how to meet their toughest arguments. I was just grateful that I could feel confident enough to take them on, and am very glad I did. Besides giving them some things to rethink about supporting Obama, I learned a ton about how those advanced pro-abortion people think, and how to best converse with them. It was only one half-hour, but it was a learning-packed half-hour! I am thankful to Pat for giving me her time, and I even think that she enjoyed it. We had a great coversation, and I very much hope and pray that she will support life and those candidates who support life! It’s been great telling you all this story, and let me know what you think! God bless.

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