Washington Post: Scheidler Calls Focus On Social Programs A Sellout

Today’s Washington Post featured an article titled Some Abortion Foes Shifting Focus From Ban to Reduction.

It explained that some pro-lifers have given up. In the words of Doug Kmiec, “If one strategy has failed and failed over decades, and you have empirical information that tells how you can honor life and encourage women to make that choice by meeting real needs…why not do that?”

Some Pro-Lifers Throw In The Towel

Well, Doug, we don’t do that because, as Judie Brown, the President of the American Life League said in the same article, “You don’t work to limit the murder of innocent victims…You work to stop it.” We don’t do it because, as League founder and National Director Joe Scheidler said, “it’s a sellout….You don’t have to have a lot of social programs to cut down on abortions” because we can do it ourselves, out on the streets like we’ve been doing. The national 40 Days for Life Campaign saved over 500 babies-that was not a result of social programs and federal handouts-it was the result of dedicated activists.

And for those like Kmiec who actually fall for the “safe, legal, and rare” type mantra, let me remind you what Carol Everett, a former abortion provider, explained at our Meet the Abortion Providers conference:

When a young girl finds out she is pregnant, she may not want an abortion, she may just want information.

But when she calls that number that’s paid for by abortion money, what kind of information do you think she is going to get? Remember, they sell abortions. They don’t sell keeping the baby. They don’t sell giving the baby up. They don’t sell delivering the baby in any form. They only sell abortions.

This hasn’t changed. Abortion providers make money off of abortions-they have no incentive to help girls find a different way.

Down Syndrome Parents To Join March For Life

The March for Life is just around the corner, it seems. This year pro-lifers will be turning out en mass to show our newly inaugurated President Obama what we think of his stance on abortion. You can count on the League being there!

Also planning to join the march are mothers and fathers of children with Down Syndrome. Leticia, a blogger at Cause of Our Joy, will be organizing this group, who will march in support of their loved ones-the lucky ones who were not part of the 90% of Downs babies who are aborted. If you’re interested in joining them, you can email her at marysjoys@yahoo.com to find out more details.

Upcoming Events

Bioethics Symposium at UIC November 21: This Friday, November 21, the John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago is sponsoring a bioethics symposium on the topic, “What Is Meant by the Term ‘Quality of Life’?”.

Among the high profile speakers at the symposium are renowned Catholic philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft and our own Cardinal Francis George. The Pro-Life Action League encourages all pro-lifers to join the League’s delegation in attending this event. The cost is a mere $30.

For more information, call 312-226-1880, or visit the Newman Center website.

Second, Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio will be emceeing an event called “Putting on the Armor of God” at Bloom High School in Chicago Heights on Saturday, November 22 at 1pm. Visit HeavensArmor.com or call 877-850-5588 for more information.

Remember that Ann Scheidler and JT Eschbach will be hosting a sidewalk counseling training seminar and refresher course at St. Joseph Church in Downers Grove. It will be Saturday from 1 to 3pm. Register online or call our office (773-777-2900) for more details and to RSVP.

Finally, remember that the Archdiocese of Chicago Respect Life Office will be holding their annual Chastity Education Initiative Dinner on Saturday at 6pm at Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace. Call the Respect Life Office for more information (312-751-5355).

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