60% of People Are Pro-Life—They Just Don’t Realize It

I went to get my hair cut a few weeks back and the stylist asked me where I work. I have to admit that I still tense up when I tell perfect strangers where I work, since I don’t know how they will react.

I told her I work at the Pro-Life Action League, a group devoted to telling people the truth about what happens during abortion and to helping women choose a life affirming alternative to abortion-like adoption or parenting. She looked at me and said, “Wait, that sounds ‘pro-choice’ to me-you’re giving these women choices.”

60% of People Give Pro-Life Response To Survey

And that reaction is so typical! People do not know what the terms mean. And if they did, we would see that our nation isn’t split 50-50 like the reporters like to say.

The Marist College Institute of Public Opinion recently conducted a poll to find out what people really believe about abortion. 13% are 100% pro-life, no exceptions. 15% say abortion should be allowed only for the life of the mother; and 32% say abortion should only be allowed for life of the mother, rape, or incest. So what percent of people are really pro-life? 60%. 60% of people polled opposed 98% of abortions!

What about the other 40%? 24% said abortion should only be allowed in the first trimester. 8% said abortion should be allowed in the first 6 months. And only 8% believed-like Barack Obama, NOW, and NARAL-that abortion should be allowed at any time during pregnancy for any reason.

The terms confuse people, but when it really comes down to it, people don’t really want the liberal abortion laws that we have in this country.

We Need More Kids To Boost Economy

With all of this talk about the lousy economy, people keep saying that smaller families are the way to go. Remember all of those ads and studies from pro-aborts and their friends in the media about how expensive raising a child is? Dennis Howard, president of Movement for a Better America, has concluded that the more than 50 million abortions has cost the US economy $35 trillion dollars. According to the LifeNews.com story,

“That comes in the form of lost productivity by having fewer workers contributing to society. Those contributions also come in the form of taxpayers contributing to state, federal and local governments that would have had more funds to pay teachers, offer health care benefits or put more police on the streets. The cost to the economy also includes the lost support for the social security system, which experts say still presents a host of challenges for the future and questions about whether younger Americans will receive anything from it.”

If people wonder when they get older why there isn’t enough money in social security for them to retire off of, it looks like they can only blame themselves.

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