Planned Parenthood Fails To Report Statutory Rape…Again

Planned Parenthood is caught in the act again.

Staffers Admit It’s Rape But Don’t Report It

Students for Life of America has released yet another video expose of PP staffers violating federal laws. Two young women, posing as 15 year old girls, went to Planned Parenthood clinics in North Carolina to ask for the “Morning After” pill. They told the staffers that they had had sex with their mothers’ boyfriend, who was in his 30’s. In both instances PP workers told the girl that this was statutory rape and they must, under North Carolina law, report it.

When Students for Life filed a Freedom of Information Act request, though, they found that neither of these crimes had ever been reported to the state. Not only that, but they told the girls they could send their boyfriends to buy the Morning After Pill at the pharmacy for them and they helped the girls arrange appointments to be prescribed birth control pills-effectively concealing the crime that was being committed against these girls.

Very likely this video won’t be allowed to stay on YouTube very long, so you should look for it right away. From the main page of YouTube, search for NC Planned Parenthood Cover-Up and it will be the first on the list.

California Parental Consent Bill Likely To Pass

A new survey shows Proposition 4-the new Parental Consent law in California-is supported by a narrow majority of voters. The previous Parental Consent law was ruled unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court in 1997, but lawyers and constitutional scholars believe this one will withstand objections, since it allows for a life of the mother exemption and for a judicial bypass. So although the bill is not perfect, from a pro-life standpoint, we can hope that it will prevent many minors from having abortions behind their parent’s backs. As one ad for Proposition 4 notes: “In California, a girl younger than 18 cannot get a tan at a tanning salon, she cannot get her ears pierced, she cannot be provided an aspirin by the school nurse without the consent of her parents;” yet in the status quo, she can have an abortion and no one needs to tell her parents.

Choose Life Plates Finally Headed To Arizona Vehicles

Good news for pro-life motorists in Arizona. After a six year legal battle, the Choose Life License Plate case appears to be over. Fr. Pavone’s response to the ruling:

Only a pro-abortion zealot would consider the words “Choose Life” to be controversial…Abortion profiteers and their political supporters are obviously threatened by the thought that someone, somewhere, sometime might choose an alternative to abortion. Now that the Arizona government’s pro-abortion censors have been rebuked by the courts for the last time, drivers can finally exercise their free speech rights and choose “Choose Life” license plates.

With any luck, so will motorists in a number of other states, now that a national precedent has been established.

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