Planned Parenthood Caught Stealing Government Funds

Bishop Soto was invited to speak at the recent National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries Conference in California. Many people were upset that he was willing to attend and feared what the future bishop of Sacramento would say.

Bishop Praises Chastity, Not Homosexuality

Faithful Catholics were pleasantly surprised at his message. Conference attendees were outraged. Bishop Soto pointed out that while Jesus is commonly perceived as so accepting of all that he would never criticize someone’s lifestyle, this is not accurate-remember when his response when Peter told him not to take up the cross?

Bishop Soto praised sex within marriage as “one expression of love to which the human person can aspire.” However, he said, “the human desire to love must lead us to the divine.” He continues, stating clearly that “Sexual intercourse outside of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman…will not lead to that liberating journey of true self-discovery and an authentic discovery of God. For that reason, it is sinful.”

How exciting that in such a liberal area, the Bishop was willing to state the truth about the Church’s teachings on chastity! Feel free to thank the Bishop yourself. Call 916-733-0100 or send him an email.

Pastors Endorse McCain

More than 30 pastors nationwide took part in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” this past weekend. Their sermons were a direct challenge to current laws and court rulings which prohibit clergy from endorsing a political candidate. Americans United for Separation of Church and State has already filed a complaint with the IRS about these endorsements-which was the whole point of the protest. These pastors believe they have a right to speak about moral issues and to point out which candidate follows biblical teachings on abortion and homosexuality. The pastors, from what I can tell, all supported McCain over Obama.

Priests in Peoria in the Clear

A quick update on the priests I told you about in Peoria who were attacked for sharing the real stance of the Church on abortion: Lawyers at the Thomas More Society did some digging and found out that no lawsuit was filed. Instead, a parishioner threatened to turn the priest in to the IRS. TMS sent them information on their constitutional rights and what they are allowed to speak about in their homilies. Maybe in a few years, as a result of “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” they’ll even be allowed to go further and endorse a candidate for office.

Planned Parenthood Steals Taxpayers’ Money

Finally, Ray Ruddy, president of the Gerard Health Foundation, has exposed Planned Parenthood’s duplicity

on yet another front. Planned Parenthood affiliates in California have been receiving money from the federal government to buy contraceptives for poor women. Planned Parenthood charged the government far more than they should. While other California clinics charged the government eight or nine dollars, Planned Parenthood charged twelve. Victor Gonzalez, a former official at Planned Parenthood, has filed a lawsuit against the abortion giant for cheating the taxpayers of California out of about $180 million. Our prayers are with them for success at showing people the real face of Planned Parenthood.

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