Recruits Needed for 40 Days for Life in Chicago

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has taken the nation by storm, and coverage of John McCain’s choice for his vice-presidential running mate falls pretty much along party lines, except that even many Democrats and Independents seem to be attracted to her down-to-earth philosophy and her natural charm. If nothing else, the all-out media frenzy has left the Democrats scratching their heads and many wishing they had a woman VP after all.

Palin Solid in Her Pro-Life Stand

We talked to a friend in Anchorage who has had dealings with Palin while she was running for Lieutenant Governor. He said they were impressed with her position on the major moral and social issues, but had what they considered a better candidate, so pro-life that they did not back her for the position.

He says that is probably a good thing because she went on to run for governor after losing the lieutenant governor position, and was in a better position to be selected by McCain than she might have been. He said she is solid in her pro-life stand and would make a good VP. Many seem to be looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate with more enthusiasm than the ones between the candidates for President.

Carol Marin Doesn’t Like Cardinal’s Letter on Abortion and Politics

Francis Cardinal George’s excellent letter to all the faithful that appeared in Catholic Church bulletins throughout the Archdiocese last week was a necessary and most informative statement of the Catholic obligation to defend human life.

Even though Carol Marin and others saw it as a subtle endorsement of McCain and Palin and wish he had spoken “passionately and prophetically of the seamless garment of life,” the Cardinal did exactly what he was obligated to do, present the moral teaching of the Catholic Church in treating of the commandment, “Thou shall not kill.”

George said that no one can favor legal abortion and be truly working for the common good. He left it up to the individual Catholic to figure out where the various candidates stand on abortion and then to act accordingly. Marin seems upset that the Cardinal is unequivocal.

What did she expect?

The Cardinal is the spokesman for the Catholic Church which has an uncompromising position in maters of faith and morals. Then Marin makes a real boo-boo, suggesting that the Church is so concerned about protecting the unborn that it ignores the born. Nonsense.

No organization in the world does more to help those in need than the Catholic Church.

Gibson Interviews Palin

My heart went out to Sarah Palin when I learned that her first major interview was going to be with Charlie Gibson. Some years ago I was on his morning show in New York discussing abortion, and before we went on I showed him a photograph of the hand of an unborn child at ten weeks or so.

He made it very clear that there would be no visuals whatsoever, and that if I tried to show that photograph he would go to a commercial.

So I was not allowed to show it, but I made a point of our discussion, and described the photograph that was too dangerous to show on television.

I think I asked at one point whether this was really TV, a visual medium, or just a radio show. I’ve never been invited back and I don’t know that I’d go on with grouchy Charlie again.

I probably would.

Recruits Needed for Chicago’s 40 Days for Life

We still need recruits for Chicago’s 40 Days for Life to kick off at Albany Medical Surgical Center at 5086 N. Elston Ave. on September 24 and run through October to November 2.

If you have not signed up for an hour of prayer at the abortion mill in Chicago, please call our office at 773-777-2900 for information and a list of times.

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