Cardinal George Speaks Out on Politics and Abortion

God bless Cardinal George for his excellent response to the current controversy regarding politics and abortion. His letter, which was printed in the bulletins of many churches on Sunday and is available online, contains a number of points intended to clarify, in his words, “matters of public policy that are also moral issues” which have “recently been falsely presented.”

Cardinal George Speaks Out on Politics and Abortion

Cardinal’s Georg’s letter states:

The Catholic Church, from its first days, condemned the aborting of unborn children as gravely sinful. Not only Scripture’s teaching about God’s protection of life in the womb but also the first century catechism said: “You shall not slay the child by abortions. You shall not kill what is generated.” This same teaching has been constantly reiterated in every place and time up to Vatican II, which condemned abortion as a “heinous crime.” This is true today and will be so tomorrow. Any other comments, by politicians, professors, pundits or the occasional priest, are erroneous and cannot be proposed in good faith.

This teaching has consequences for those charged with caring for the common good, those who hold public office. Our present laws permit unborn children to be privately killed. Laws that place unborn children outside the protection of law destroy both the children killed and the common good, which is the controlling principle of Catholic social teaching. One cannot favor the legal status quo on abortion and also be working for the common good.

This line bears repeating: “One cannot favor the legal status quo on abortion and also be working for the common good.” There are those out there who think they know more than the Cardinal on this issue and are smarter than he is. But I doubt that this is true; after all, Francis Cardinal George has one PhD in American philosophy and another in Sacred Theology.

How many people do you know with that?

Pelosi Meets with Bishop

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly meeting with her bishop to discuss her voting record. I hope she is the first of many to get straightened out on this issue.

The Insanity of Pro-Abortion Law

Our office received a phone call the other day from a concerned grandmother. Her son’s young girlfriend was scheduled to have an abortion and she wondered what rights she, as a grandmother, had over her unborn grandchild. I had to sadly inform her that even her son, the father of the unborn child, had no legal right to stop the girl from aborting.

Outraged, the woman cried out, “Who passed that law!” I briefly explained to her that it wasn’t a law, but a judicial decree that took away her son’s rights to his unborn child.

So many people still don’t realize the importance of having a pro-life president who can appoint pro-life judges to the bench. With the election looming, educate yourselves and your friends on the voting records of all candidates for office.

CWA Launches New Website: DownSyndromeBrochure.com

Concerned Women For America has launched a new website called DownSyndromeBrochure.com.

With the spotlight the Palin family has brought to Down Syndrome babies, CWA hopes hope generate more support for giving birth to these special children. As many as 90% of babies diagnosed with Down’s in utero will never see the light of day. This project puts beautiful faces on this diagnosis and provides a number of resources to support families of these children. Anne Downey of CWA told LifeNews.Com, these pictures show us “that there truly is help and hope.”

Rest in Peace, Mike O’Donnell

Finally, please say a prayer for the Mike O’Donnell family. Mike’s son, also named Mike, passed away suddenly last week. The wake will be Tuesday September 9 from 3 to 9pm at Cooney’s Funeral Home on 625 Busse Hwy. in Park Ridge. The funeral Mass will be Wednesday September 10th at 10am at Immaculate Conception Church, 7211 W. Talcott Avenue in Chicago.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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