Judge Gives Planned Parenthood “License to Lie”

The long awaited national conventions are over and presidential hopefuls are now crisscrossing the nation trying to capitalize on the bumps they got in the polls from the party platforms, elegant speeches and colorful demonstrations at both conventions.

The Race Is On

Following the colorful and costly super dramatic Democratic bash in Denver and the somewhat abbreviated but surprise-filled Republican National Convention in St. Paul, both parties have launch their sixty-day campaigns in a dead heat, less than one point apart in the polls.

Some dates to circle on your calendar are Friday, September 26 when the first Presidential Debate will be held at the University of Mississippi in Oxford MS on the subject of domestic policy. On October 7 there’s a second Presidential debate in the town hall format that Sen. McCain prefers, at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

The final presidential debate, on foreign policy, will be at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, on October 15. Possibly even more interesting than the presidential debates will be the one and only Vice Presidential debate on October 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, pitting Republican candidate Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin against U.S. Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware.

It shouldn’t be a dull Fall.

Hats off to Pro-Life Activists in Green, OH

Our hat is off to the pro-life activists in Green, OH who made life so unpleasant for the folks at G & H Healthcare, a so-called “nonsurgical abortion provider,” that they packed up their chemicals and left town.

The daily pickets and protests outside this RU-486 chemical abortion mill became so overwhelming that it upset other tenants in the area and eventually the landlord told the abortionists to leave. The bad news is that the mill may simply relocate in Akron, OH. Still, the pro-lifers in Green consider their efforts a success.

Judge Brawka Grants Planned Parenthood a “License to Lie”

In Kane County Court earlier this week Judge Judith Brawka granted Planned Parenthood of Chicago’s request to dismiss our libel suit against that organization for saying in several public announcements and publications that local pro-lifers have a history of violence. Applying a new and generally unknown law called the Illinois Citizen Participation Act which is supposed to protect and encourage public participation in government, Brawka let the giant billion dollar special interest group, Planned Parenthood, pose as a beleaguered business forced to lie about it’s rivals in order to establish its business—killing babies in Aurora. If this ruling stands as is, the pro-lifers will be forced to pay huge legal fees to Planned Parenthood, simply for trying to protect their image from vicious, libelous statements.

Last September Planned Parenthood of Aurora was permitted to open its abortion mill even though it did not and does not have a valid license to operate. Planned Parenthood is being shown favoritism by the local government and by the court. This is sad, since it places these public institutions on the side of abortion. They will surely someday rue unjust decisions that support and encourage those who kill helpless human beings for profit.

Pray for them.

Gloria Steinem Does Not Like Sarah Palin

Militant pro-abort Gloria Steinem doesn’t much like John McCain’s vice president pick, Sarah Palin. Steinem, who never saw an abortion she didn’t like, calls Palin unqualified, says the only thing she shares with Hillary Clinton is a chromosome, calls her speeches divisive and deceptive, has zero background on national and foreign policy issues, opposes just about every issue women support, believes creationism should be taught in public schools, doesn’t believe in global warming, and opposes gun control.

Steinem is horrified that Palin opposes stem cell research and approves of abstinence only programs. Steinem calls her Phyllis Schlafly, only younger, who wants to criminalize abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade and opposes reproductive freedom as a human right. We suspect Steinem is just jealous because nobody ever asked her to be vice-president of the United States.

Say a prayer for George Johnson, the identity pro-life check printer. George is undergoing surgery on his neck, which was fractured in several places when he fell on the stairs in his Park Ridge home. He is in intensive care.

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