Baby Boy Survives Abortion, Is Born Healthy

There is a fascinating story just now coming out of England about a baby boy born last fall who survived an abortion. Although this child is not the first to survive an attempt to take his life inside his mother’s womb, such instances are so extremely rare that “miraculous” might be the best word to describe them.

Baby Boy in England Survives Abortion

An article in the UK Telegraph reports that the boy’s mother, Jodie Percival, got pregnant while on the birth control pill and decided to abort him at 8 weeks gestation, but almost three months after the abortion, she felt movement in her stomach.

She returned to her doctor, who verified that she was 19 weeks pregnant.

Ultimately, the boy was born healthy, weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces, although he does have some damage in one of his kidneys, he is expected to lead a normal life.

Thankfully, his mother seems to have regretted her earlier decision to have an abortion, having said, “Now [that] he’s here I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Malkin on Planned Parenthood’s Obscene Profits

In her latest column, writer Michelle Malkin blasts elected federal officials for turning a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s obscene profits:

In April, the annual report of Planned Parenthood Federation of America revealed that the abortion giant had a total income of $1.02 billion-with reported profits of nearly $115 million. Taxpayers kick in more than $336 million worth of government grants and contracts at both the state and federal levels. That’s a third of Planned Parenthood’s budget.

And what market-distorting results do we get for those government incentives? 289,650 abortions in 2006.

Oil execs, tobacco execs, banking execs, pharmaceutical company execs, and baseball players have all been hauled up before Congress for highly-publicized whippings by crusading lawmakers. But the executives of Planned Parenthood have escaped government scrutiny and public accountability for their predatory behavior, dangerous medical practices, deception, and deadly windfall.

In Washington, D.C., the family of 13-year-old Shantese Butler filed a $50 million suit against Planned Parenthood after a botched abortion left the girl permanently injured and infertile…

In Nebraska, Planned Parenthood refused to disclose the terms of a settlement with another victim whose botched abortion resulted in a perforated uterus, massive blood loss, an emergency hysterectomy, permanent infertility, seizures, and lifelong pain and suffering. According to the suit obtained by Life News, the woman told the abortionist and his assistants to stop, but was told: “We can’t stop.” The Planned Parenthood employees held her down to complete the procedure.

Planned Parenthood Can’t Stop Building New Abortion Facilities

One of the other things the Wal-Mart of the Abortion Industry “can’t stop” doing is building new abortion facilities. Just this week, we learned a new Planned Parenthood facility that will perform abortions is in the offing for Juneau, Alaska.

Pray for Father Pfleger—and for Cardinal George, Too

In response to the increasingly messy Father Pfleger situation, the most intelligent comment I’ve come across so far is one that simply encouraged prayers on his behalf.

So too, all of us would do well to pray earnestly for Cardinal George, that he will have the wisdom of Solomon in pastorally sorting out the various sticky wickets presented by Father Pfleger and the congregation at St. Sabina.

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