Cardinal George’s Column Tells It Like It Is

For years we have been reading in our daily newspapers inane, mindless commentaries on the benefits of abortion, the need for legal abortion, the liberty that abortion grants women, how abortion decreases crime, how it gives women freedom and power, and how it is in fact good for society.

Pro-Abort Columnists Don’t Have a Clue

Clueless columnists in our liberal newspapers and news magazines who wouldn’t understand the truth about abortion if the facts were injected directly into their brains, are so far off base on this most serious moral issue that all we can do is shake our heads in disbelief whenever we read their pitiful columns. Their homemade morality is vapid, illogical and would be laughable if it were not so dangerous.

Cardinal George’s Column Tells It Like It Is

But in the latest Catholic New World we came across an excellent column on abortion by Francis Cardinal George entitled, “When Law Encourages Violence”.

We have decided to send copies of this well thought out column to some of these confused journalists just to see if a little truth might make it through their skulls and settle in their brains. It’s clear, logical, easy reading. Here’s the gist of the Cardinal’s commentary:

Killing has many causes, and one cause for the rash of killings going on all over America is the present abortion laws that breed violence against the innocent. For when abortion is legal, the Cardinal points out, people quickly learn that killing someone is a legitimate way to solve a personal problem.

George says that in a truly civilized state, the laws would prohibit private killings, but in America, ever since abortion became legal in 1973, millions of innocent human beings have been killed without going through any kind of pubic process that declared them guilty of anything.

“Personally Opposed to Abortion, But…” Is a Lie

The Cardinal alludes to Pope Benedict XVI’s talk to the U.N. recently, when he compared the human race to a family where the strong protect the weak — or at least they should. But in our times judges and legislators too often promote abortion and, in doing so, violate their vocation often using the dishonest argument that they are "personally opposed" to abortion, but can’t impose their morality on others.

This is simply a lie, and a cowardly excuse, since protecting human rights is what government is all about. Violation of the common good leads to more violence, and no one in all of society is truly safe. Any of us could be next.

Killing the unborn wounds us all, the Cardinal continues, and makes each of us a potential victim. Taking part in the evil of abortion in any way makes us cooperators in this evil. While Catholic morality is based on a true understanding of human nature and the value of the individual, these are the same values that science and government have always recognized as their own basis.

But what we live under today is a regression from those basic standards. Our laws should stop killing, not protect it. So today, the challenge is for our society to decrease violence by stopping the killing of the innocent unborn, by making abortion unthinkable.

The Cardinal calls on God to help us work together to decrease violence and eliminate the killing.

Become a Pro-Life Prayer Warrior

Our office frequently gets calls from good people who genuinely want to become active in the pro-life effort. We almost always suggest that they get in touch with their local pro-life group, their Diocesan Respect Life office, check out a crisis pregnancy center or simply go to the nearest abortion mill and pray for the women and babies dying there, or go out on the streets and hand out pro-life literature.

We always suggest that they find a companion to work with, and that if they wish to pray outside an abortion clinic, they join an established prayer group that gathers on a regular basis. We suggest that they not go to the clinic alone.

Locally, you are invited to join us any Thursday at Albany Medical Surgical Center on the North Side 5086 N. Elston Ave. Turn west onto Elston from Cicero and go one block to the south corner of Elston and Carmen. We pray from 9:30 to 10:30AM every Thursday. Join us. Our numbers are growing.

For more information, call our office at 773-777-2900.

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