Pro-Life Whistleblower Charged $1,100

You may remember a recent hotline where we talked about Monica Miller’s astonishing find of aborted babies and confidential patient records in the dumpsters at an abortion clinic in suburban Detroit run by notorious abortionist Alberto Hodari.

Pro-Life Whistleblower Charged $1,100

Jill Stanek offers an update:

The Detroit News reported today that the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality will not levy any fines against late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari for tossing aborted babies, biohazardous waste, used drugs, needles, and medical records into his dumpster. Pro-lifers found all of these over the course of 4 weekends at 3 of Hodari’s 6 mills.

When authorities search Hodari’s Lathrup Village mill trash, according to the DN, they found “waste that was improperly disposed and separated, placed in unlabeled containers and improperly mixed with other waste” but no babies.

According to the DN, the DEQ charged Hodari with 3 “waste-disposal violations” with instructions to retrain employees. That was it.

Meanwhile, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society reported in an email alert today that Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who stored Hodari’s trash at her home until enough evidence was garnered to notify police, is being fined $1100 “for keeping evidence on my property from Hodari’s dumpster – evidence that we collected so that the DEQ could do an investigation and file charges against Hodari!”…

Stanek reports Miller’s response to the the inaction by the Department of Environmental Quality, which claimed Hodari’s violation was a one-time, isolated instance:

“This is not true. And the DEQ knows it’s not true! We gave them evidence of violations that we discovered on February 24th and March 2nd. Furthermore we gave them evidence of violations at other Hodari abortion clinics – not just the one in Lathrup Village. There’s no question that Hodari violated the law multiple times….”

So much for rewarding citizen whistleblowers.

Where’s the Money?

Speaking of incompetence and injustice, a recent audit has revealed that the State of Illinois had difficulties documenting millions of dollars in grant money to fund embryonic stem cell research. You may recall that our staunchly pro-abortion governor, Rod Blagojevich, inserted the funding into the state’s budget in 2005 without informing legislators theretofore.

Vietnamese Apostolate Inspires Pro-Lifers Everywhere

On a positive note, however, an AP story published on March 25—the traditional feast of the Annunciation—instills hope that there are still good people in the world who go to great lengths to selflessly give of themselves and serve others in need.

The story highlights a true grassroots apostolate in Vietnam run by Tong Phuoc Phuc:

[Phuc is a] 41-year-old Catholic from the coastal town of Nha Trang [who] has opened his door to unwed expectant mothers in a country that logs one of the world’s highest abortion rates. In 2006, there were more than 114,000 abortions at state hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City—outnumbering births.

Most pregnant, unmarried Vietnamese women have few options. Abortion is a welcome choice for many who simply cannot afford to care for a baby or are unwilling to risk being disowned by their families.

The communist government calls premarital sex a “social evil.” Abortion, however, is legal and performed at nearly every hospital. And unlike in some Western countries where the issue is hotly contested, the practice stirs little debate here.

But shelters for women who want to keep their babies are rare. Phuc promises them food and a roof until they give birth, and then cares for the children until the mothers can afford to take them. In the past four years, he’s taken in 60 kids, with about half still living in his two houses.

Phuc’s mission is an inspiration to us all, and well deserving of our prayers.

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