Babies’ Remains, Patient Records Found in Hodari’s Dumpsters

It’s fitting that on this year’s National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, March 10, the abortion cartel dealt itself two major blows. The first was the disclosure that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer—arguably the most staunchly pro-abortion governor in the country—had been a client of a high-profile prostitution ring, which would prompt him to resign in disgrace two days later. The second was the release of the news that our longtime friend Monica Miller had made an astonishing find of aborted babies and confidential patient records in the dumpsters at notorious abortionist Alberto Hodari’s abortion clinic in suburban Detroit.

Babies’ Remains, Patient Records Found in Hodari’s Dumpsters

Dr. Monica Miller has been searching the dumpsters at one of Hodari’s abortion clinics for the past month, and what she found was shocking. Jill Stanek has been covering this story extensively—see here, here, here, here, and here.

Monica approximates the total number of babies recovered as 25. This was hard to ascertain since the babies were in parts. One’s skull was only slightly smaller than a tennis ball. One rib measured 2″. The estimated age here was 20-25 weeks. But most were 1st trimester – if that.

Staggering Number of Medical Records Found

Jill Stanek reports:

Monica told me, “Jill, I’ve never seen so many patient records in my life. This was the [mother lode] of patient records.” So much for patient confidentiality. There were names, dates, SSNs, addresses, and phone numbers in that dumpster…

The volume of medical records and various identifiers recovered was staggering – over 200, according to Monica.

These included whole medical charts – intake forms, patient histories, how mothers became pregnant (rape, incest, “victim of failed birth control,” “victim of no birth control”), gestational age of baby, signed consent forms; procedure descriptions, and recovery room records; insurance forms; loan applications; names; addresses; phone numbers; copies of driver’s licenses; and office appointment schedules…

[Biohazardous] waste recovered included bloody suction cannulas; bloody laminaria; used condoms and condom wrappers; IV bags with tubing and sharps attached; partially filled and empty drug vials; and bloody gauze.

Some charts were originals and dated the very day they were retrieved from the trash, a seeming violation of federal privacy laws. This calls into question Hodari’s ability to keep accurate records, as mandated by the state. And how also does Hodari accurately maintain income records for tax purposes?

Video of Hodari’s Trash Posted Online

Monica also shot a video of the aborted babies’ remains and patient records and posted it on YouTube.

Shut Hodari Down and Throw Him in Jail

It’s surely just a matter of time before Hodari is sued. What’s more, what he and his staff have done is no doubt criminal. His abortion clinics should be shut down and he should be thrown in jail.

Spitzer Resigns in Disgrace

And, for the other major ignominious story for the abortion cartel this week: Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. Chris Slattery, founder and president of Expectant Mother Care, a network of pregnancy resource centers in New York City and longtime nemesis of Spitzer, said it best in his press release on the Spitzer’s resignation:

The great news of the resignation of America’s most pro-abortion Governor warms my heart because this man has had nothing but contempt for women whom he has treated as objects for years, as a John, and as a militant advocate of ill advised unsafe abortion expansion, at the expense of women, in New York State.”

As a leading operator EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in New York City with a dozen locations of women’s help centers, Slattery defended against … “an unwarranted and intrusive investigative attack and witch hunt of life-saving help centers for women” by former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in early 2002.

After a bruising back and forth six week campaign against 24 different crisis pregnancy center sites that year, AG Spitzer was forced to withdraw his politically motivated subpoenas.

According to Slattery, “Governor Spitzer has most recently proposed a new legislative bill in Albany called the “Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act” that declares that women have a “fundamental right” to abortion in New York State, including in the third trimester without restriction, which would allow non-physician abortions, and force religious hospitals including Catholic ones to actually perform abortions.” “No health safeguards for women were included in the legislation.”

“Although we cannot gloat for the personal failures of this man, and we pray for his sad family, anytime a major abortion leader in this country falls to his or her own vices it offers that person and our country a time of deep reflection on the true meaning and purpose of life.”

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