Pro-Abortionists Are Getting the Message

If you missed SpeakOut Illinois last Saturday, that’s too bad. While it was not the largest turnout to date, it was, according to many, the most enthusiastic and upbeat crowd ever.

Pro-Abortionists Are Getting the Message

There is a mood in the pro-life effort that speaks certain victory in the future. Some of us have never doubted that Americans will eventually return to respect for human life, but something is happening that makes that victory palpable.

Even the pro-abortionists are getting the message, as the recent letter by Frances Kissling and Kate Michelman attests. They have written an almost desperation plea to their fellow pro-choicers, urging them to be open to the real conflict between life and choice and between rights and responsibility.

They say it is time for a serious reassessment of how to think about abortion in a world that is radically changed from 1973. Who would have thought that a plea like that would be forthcoming from the former heads of the National Abortion Rights Action League and Catholics for a Free Choice?

Abortion in America: Always an Anomaly

Abortion in America has always been an anomaly. America for all its faults is essentially a Christian nation. It has not been comfortable with abortion, just as it has been and is uncomfortable with pornography, X-rated movies, prostitution, the gay lifestyle, and even fornication, adultery and contraception.

While all of that is flagrantly practiced, at least most Americans are still uncomfortable with what they continue to suspect is wrong. But what is most frightening is the society that has become so brainwashed for so long, and so systematically estranged from God and religion, that all sense of guilt has gone out of evil activities.

Abortion in China Alarmingly Commonplace

A classic case in point is Communist China. Abortion is so common and so generally practiced that there seems to be no sense at all that it is not perfectly natural. Reports from China say it is a nation without conscience, so that having an abortion for most is less significant than having a flu shot or going to the dentist. Sick. Of course, but that’s a consequence of no conscience.

A nun who visited our office recently told us that abortion is so matter-of-fact in China, where she is stationed, that even most religious, even many Catholic, counsel for abortion.

A new book by Dr. Mark Miravalle, “The Seven Sorrows of China,” tells the story of what happens when abortion has become totally accepted by a society. This, we hope and pray, will never happen in America, and from what seems to be happening, it seems that Americans are gradually getting farther and farther from that curse. But keep working and praying, and say a prayer for the conversion of China.

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