Roe v. Wade at 35: The Battle Continues

Tuesday, January 22, is the 35th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s 7 to 2 decision that hidden somewhere in the shadows of the Bill of Rights is the right allowing mothers to have their children exterminated. Of course it isn’t there, and anyone with a brain stem knows that. But for 35 years our sinister leaders in the judicial and legislative branches of government have implemented this lie, and are responsible for fifty million deaths of innocent, helpless unborn children.

God Is Not Mocked

Concurrent with these merciless surgical killings there have occurred probably ten times that many chemical abortions, for a virtual holocaust of America’s posterity. In the early days of legal abortion in America, one of every three pregnancies was terminated by abortion. In more recent times the number has, mercifully, dropped slightly, to one abortion for every four pregnancies. But only The Lord knows how many millions more abortions have taken place through Plan B, Preven, Norplant, IUD’s and contraceptive pills and chemicals.

It is even difficult to say the words, “In God We Trust,” or sing “God Bless America,” when our ongoing war on God’s image in Man mocks God’s very existence.

But while those in the abortion-contraception camp believe they are getting away with something that God has condemned, God is not mocked. He sees, and He remembers, and in the end, if there is not total and heartfelt repentance, there will surely be justice.

The Battle Rages On

Meanwhile, the battle rages as pro-lifers mark 35 years of carnage with the fifty million plus deaths of innocent unborn children, with prayers, memorials and marches all across America.

We will be in Aurora this Saturday, January 19, for prayers in front the behemoth Planned Parenthood abortion mill at New York Street from 9:00 to 10:00 AM, and will speak at 11:00 at the “Action Speaks Louder than Words” Seminar at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, 801 South Eola Drive.

Topics will include Communicating the Pro-Life Message, Counseling Abortion-bound Mothers, Confronting the Abortion Business, and Defending Your First Amendment Rights.

We will be at the Holy Name Cathedral Sunday to march After the 12:30 Mass, and we will also be in Washington DC for the annual March for Life on Tuesday. Check back on Wednesday, January 23, for an Action News wrap-up by John Jansen.

Other Local Pro-Life Events

We’ve also been asked by League supporters to announce two other upcoming local pro-life events:

Father Dennis Wilde of Priests for Life will be speak at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, 1501 W. Boughton Road in Bolingbrook on Friday, January 25 at 7:30 p.m. For more information, please call 630-759-7588.

And, on Friday, February 1, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 111 S. Cass St. in Westmont will hold a memorial Mass in remembrance of babies lost to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant death. For more information, please call Daria at 630-910-7135.

Aurora Beacon Gives Pro-Lifers a Thumbs-Down

An Aurora Beacon News editorial Monday gives a “thumbs down” to the Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood and the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center and tells them to discontinue their efforts to shut down the Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic.

They think it’s costing the taxpayers too much money to continue the fight. The Beacon commiserates with pro-lifers for being upset that the mill came into town under a cloak of deceit, but says further legal efforts are pointless and that they can’t win.

One or two wimps told us to quit fighting NOW and the abortion cartel back in the 80’s and 90’s, saying that we would just spend a lot of money and couldn’t win.

We spent a lot of money, and we won.

But a sure way to lose a case is to quit. That’s what the Beacon wants Aurora Pro-Lifers to do.

Sorry, Beacon, we’re going full steam ahead. And while worrying over costing the city money, how about Planned Parenthood sneaking into Aurora as a for-profit business, but being not-for-profit?

Planned Parenthood is cheating the city out of big tax dollars the city should be getting. But pro-lifers don’t count the costs of fighting abortion. The lives we save are priceless and suggestions that we relax our efforts are so comical that they should appear on the funny page, not in the editorial section.

New Planned Parenthood Mega Mill

Just got word of yet another mega Planned Parenthood abortion mill about to rear its ugly head. Can’t say where just yet, but when we get a little more information we’ll announce its location so ardent pro-life activists can begin the process of peaceful, legal elimination of it.

Speak Firmly to Those Who Vote for Pro-Aborts

Meanwhile, if you have a friend who is planning to vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, tell him that if he does, he will then be a living, breathing part of the abortion culture, himself in part responsible for the killing off of our posterity and required someday to answer for his involvement in the greatest mortal sin of our era. Then pray for him.

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