Will the Real Pro-Life Candidate Please Stand Up?

If you are one of the millions of Americans have been watching and listening to and reading the thousands of political speeches, debates, commentaries, and advertisements presenting us with arguments on why this or that candidate would be the best person to sit at the big desk in the Oval Office, you too may have noticed that something critical to good government is being avoided, and that this issue is what government is all about: safeguarding and protecting the people who are least able to protect themselves by guarding everyone’s God-given right to life.

The Most Basic Right of All

Oh, it’s not that some of the people’s rights aren’t being talked about, but any real attention to the most basic of all our rights, upon which all other rights depend, the right to LIFE, is kept at bay. Any discussion of the murderous act of killing unborn children at the rate of 3,600 a day is mysteriously avoided like the plague.

The candidates stand bravely before the cameras and promise mysterious things like “change”. Their health plans suggest that we are a nation of sick people, making it hard to believe that anyone in America will be able to get to the polls without being carted there in an ambulance accompanied by a medical team.

Every tax plan known to man is being discussed, every solution to the immigration problem from selling citizenship for $5,000 a head to virtually shipping immigrants home in freight cars under armed guard. Yet the cold, hard fact that under government approval, and often with government money, abortionists in our nation murder 3,600 helpless children a day. Yet change and taxes and health care are trotted out as the real problems.

Abortion Is the Real Problem

Killing our future is the real problem. Killing our own children is what is destroying this nation.

Where are their brains? These big important people who want to run the country don’t even know why the country is in such a mess. It as though an election for Dictator were held in Nazi Germany in the middle of World War II, and not one candidate mentioned the existence of the death camps belching smoke all over the land from incinerated human beings — as though the Holocaust didn’t exist.

And all the while it was these mass murders that were sapping the nation of any semblance of decency and any hope of victory. We’re waiting for one of the pro-life candidates to bring up the issue of abortion while addressing a howling mob of moderate Republicans, and tell them that if he is elected, ending abortion will be his top priority.

The moderates may stone him to death and he will surely be called a religious nut by the press, but he will be the candidate every sane Americans will vote for.

We’re still waiting.

Aurora Zoning Board Dodges Question on Planned Parenthood’s Status

True to form, the wimps who run the government in Aurora dodged the question of Planned Parenthood’s stealth entry into the community under the guise of a for-profit company, thus dodging the legal requirements for obtaining a not for profit city permit to operate. The law was clearly trampled on, but the wimps don’t really care about their laws so long as they can pay homage to the big Planned Parenthood abortion mill in their town.

Zoning Board’s Decision May Be a Victory for Pro-Lifers

But what may appear to be a defeat may in fact be a real victory for pro-life in Aurora, because now we can shake the dust of Aurora’s statesmen off our feet and move up to the higher courts. We have been getting some dolorous calls from disappointed pro-lifers saying all is lost. Not so. You only lose if you quit, and quitting is a word and a concept that is not even in the Aurora pro-lifers’ vocabulary.

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