Activism Update

Activism Update

Live Action Films Exposes Planned Parenthood

UCLA student Lila Rose has been giving Planned Parenthood a major headache with her organization, Live Action Films. She began by taking her tape recorder into two California Planned Parenthood clinics, claiming to be a 15 years old having sex with a much older man. The workers advised her to lie about her age so her boyfriend would not have to be reported for statutory rape.

Several months later the group made phone calls to Planned Parenthood clinics, offering to donate money specifically to abort black babies. Clinic workers eagerly accepted the racially motivated donations.

Rose then took her camera on the road with the Mona Lisa Project. The project has so far released two videos of Planned Parenthood workers giving similar advice to what they believe to be a 13 year old girl about how to circumvent Indiana’s parental notification laws to obtain an abortion. One clinic worker has been fired, and state legislators are calling for an investigation. More videos are slated to be released soon.

Visit LiveActionFilms.org to see these shocking undercover videos for yourself.

40 Days Shuts Down Abortuaries, Saves Babies

The nationwide 40 Days for Life prayer campaign had two extremely successful runs in the spring and fall of 2008, with three abortion facilities closing their doors and hundreds of babies saved.

During the spring campaign, clinics targeted with prayer in New York and Texas closed their doors. Abortionist Jae-Hak Choe closed his New City, NY clinic and appears to have retired. With the closing of the Aaron Women’s Health Center late-term abortion facility, the number of clinics in Dallas, TX has dropped from a high 25 years ago of 13 to only five.

More than 600 babies—that organizers know of—were saved in the 40 Days for Life fall campaign. On day 39 of the fall 40 Days for Life campaign, an Orange County, California abortion clinic put up a “Space Available” sign. 40 Days organizers conservatively estimate that over 300,000 hours of prayer were offered during the fall campaign.

Three Peaceful Pro-Life Leafleters Arrested

The Campus Life Tour, organized by the California activist group Survivors, visited the College of Alameda on October 29. Onlookers were forced away, and the sheriff’s department arrested the three individuals who were handing out leaflets to the students. Although they asked why they were being arrested, the sheriff’s deputies simply responded that they were “following orders” from the college’s president. The pro-lifers were held in jail for twelve hours before finally being released at midnight.

This case is reminiscent of the arrest of 18 prolifers from Defend Life in Maryland during their August Truth Tour. These activists were also arrested without explanation, despite their repeated requests to know why. They were held overnight and three women were strip-searched. The police finally told them they were charged with loitering, failing to obey a lawful order, and disorderly conduct— charges which were all subsequently dropped. The Defend Life activists have filed a lawsuit against their arresting officers.

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