Who’s Closed Minded Again?

Hear No EvilJohn promised I’d have a recap of the Face the Truth Tour up on the Pro-Life Action League website soon, and it’s there now. But I also wanted to share this little tidbit that I found quite amusing on our Tour date downtown. We were at Adams Street and Wacker Drive, and it was shortly after we had set up the first wave of signs. A young man came by our “base” on Wacker and stopped to talk to me and my mother, Ann Scheidler. “Are you the pro-life people?” he asked. We said we were. He went on: “Your views are so oppressive. You’re so closed minded! I don’t even want to hear what you have to say!” And with that he walked off. I started to laugh and called after him, “Thank you! You’ve made my day—we’re closed minded and you don’t want to hear what we have to say! That’s great—I couldn’t have made that up! Thank you! Ha-ha!” It really was amusing. Then he turned and screamed at me, “What the f—’s the matter with you? I’m walkin’ away and you’re making a f—in’ scene! What’s your f—in’ problem?” “I’m making a scene?” I called back in reply, with unbridled glee. “Amazing!” I couldn’t wait to share the story with John and our new Tour helper, Matt, both of whom delight in such stories of irony. This was one of the best, even better than the not-uncommon, “What am I supposed to tell my kids about these pictures?” followed by “Don’t you tell me what to tell my kids!” when I try to answer the question—which, by the way, is answered here.

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