The March

If I could only pick one word to describe the 2007 March for Life, it would be: Huge. Not only was the crowd as huge as it is every year, but so was the level of enthusiasm. On top of that, our Marching Orders project was a great success. We passed out well over 20,000 “Marching Orders” cards [PDF] thanking people for marching, and giving specific ideas for how they can stay active in the fight against abortion when they return home — including how to start a pro-life club. Special thanks to the dozens of volunteers who helped us pass out the 20,000+ cards, including Elizabeth, Stephanie, Teresa, Joan, Joe, Becky, Luke, Jacob, Joe, David, Larry, Mary Ellen, Richard, Cynthia, Chuck, Mariela, Liza, Vince, Bob, and a whole bunch of guys from Northridge Prep High School in Niles, IL, where I used to teach. Check back again soon for more stories — with pictures — from the March. (In the meantime, check out this video footage shot at the March by Domincan Father Gabriel Gillen. HT: Brother Francis Johnston, whom I met at the Blogs for Life conference.)

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