“Thank You” from a Woman Who Chose Life

Nancy, who was twice faced with the abortion choice, e-mailed our office not long ago with the following story. I thought it was worth printing. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

I had a horribly dysfunctional life, full of abuse of different sorts and much pain. I got pregnant when I was 17 years old, still in high school. I watched this news break my dad’s heart, (my parents were divorced and I was living with him at that time) which absolutely broke mine. I don’t understand all the complexities of why, but my dad’s girlfriend and I did not get along well and I moved back in with my mother. Unfortunately we also did not get along well. In all fairness, my mother was overwhelmed with all of her issues, so keeping my child was not an option. I gave him up for adoption. Fast forward to 1994 and I found myself pregnant again. I was terrified. My boyfriend and I decided that the only plausible option was to abort. You must know that I do not agree with abortion – I never have. I have always been opposed to it. Even then. I was just so scared, for many different reasons, but I b elieve that the fear of my first pregnancy revisited me at that time. And all the emotional pain that went along with it. I went to Chicago to have the abortion because I was terrified that my mother would somehow find out if I had it done in Indianapolis. We went one day (I believe it was Saturday) and I registered, paid and waited for my turn. I was taken back, put on my gown and had an ultrasound. Then I waited in the waiting room that was used only for the women coming to abort, not the main waiting room outside. I was so scared and upset, I had my boyfriend come back to talk to me. I was hoping that he would tell me not to do it, but he didn’t. I was so frustrated, I didn’t know how to stop this thing. I went to wait again and said to God “I don’t know what to do, please tell me what to do.” (I was not a Christian at this time, though I was raised Catholic.) A woman walked into the waiting room, also there to have an abortion, she saw me crying and said “It’s ok honey, I was like that the first few times.” Hearing her say that, I was disgusted, this did not sit well with me, this was a baby! It was my turn, they came for me and walked me back to the procedure room. I stood in the doorway and looked at the table, with the stirrups, and it looked so harsh and cold. I looked at the file the nurse was holding in her arms and saw that they turned the ultrasound picture around so that I could not see it. That bothered me. I did not enter the room, just stood there crying when the manager/decision maker of the place, came to me and said “I don’t think you are ready for this.” I said “No, I’m not.” Wow! What relief! I went back, got dressed and they gave me my money back. I walked out into the waiting room, which was absolutely packed, and said to my boyfriend “I’m not doing it.” I SAW the weight come off of his shoulders! We immediately got up and walked out, only to encounter a whole bunch of silent protestors outside on the sidewalk! We had to walk between them all, as they had lined both sides of the sidewalk. They were not saying a word, just standing and praying with pictures and signs in their hands. I walked halfway down with my eyes on the ground and finally said out loud “I didn’t do it.” They absolutely erupted with cheers of joy! They then walked us to the car and insisted upon giving us whatever money they had in their pockets. They took my phone number and called me once to check up on us. I know that I did not engage in friendly conversation with whoever it was that called, I just wanted to get off the phone because I was still dealing with all of my pain. However, since becoming a Christian, I have always wanted to let them know, every single one of them that was there that day praying, that I am so grateful for them and the love they have for the Lord. He saved me that day, He saved my daughter, and He used every single person there as a part of His perfect plan. Thank you SO much. Truly my words cannot express to you how thankful I am – but I know that everybody that was there will be blessed with eternal blessings because of their love and service. My boyfriend and I did marry that same year, two and a half months before Yasmeen’s birthday. We are very happily married, it will be 13 years in May. God has done amazing things for me in my life, and I know that He will do more. I have a prayer request, maybe even some of those same people that were there that day will be able to hear this request; please pray for my husband, because he does not know the Lord, he is Muslim. He is a non-practicing Muslim and he lets me raise the girls Christian, but I long for his salvation. This may be hard to understand, but truly my husband is the most Christ-like person that I know! His heart, his love, his kindness, his generosity have taught me so much. He has made me a better Christian. God does not make mistakes, though he takes ours and uses them for our good, for His glory. Though sin brought my husband and I together, God has restored and refined me to know Him, and I know that He will do the same for my husband. The spiritual stronghold of Islam is huge, but the Lord overcomes all obstacles. Please pray for this. Thank you. Nancy

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