“Reproductive Justice”?

Currently, a group called SisterSong is holding a “reproductive justice” conference in Chicago. On the website for the conference — which has the amazingly unoriginal title “Let’s Talk About Sex!” — the group says:

Since the right to have sex is a topic rarely discussed when addressing reproductive health and rights issues, SisterSong believes that sexual prohibitions are not only promoted by moral conservatives in this country, but also by reproductive rights advocates who fail to promote a sex-positive culture.

Apparently, SisterSong doesn’t believe it’s good enough to simply be pro-choice; in their view, it’s also necessary to oppose “sexual prohibitions”. What exactly these prohibitions are, they don’t say, but if, as they claim, having sex merely for pleasure “is a human right”, then, hey, anything goes! SisterSong also claims that its conference is part of an effort through which they are “striving to create a pro-sex space for the pro-choice movement.” Um, considering how often we pro-lifers are accused of being “anti-sex” by pro-choicers, this seems like a very strange goal to strive for. Among other things, the conference will feature workshops on “erotica” — which the rest of us know as pornography. (According to Planned Parenthood — one of the conference sponsors, BTW — “some people prefer to call [pornography] ‘erotica’ because the word pornography is sometimes used to describe material that may be considered offensive and obscene.”) The conference also promises “a special track of workshops designed by and for young women and teens”. One of the scheduled speakers, Tara Roberts, is the senior editor of CosmoGIRL Magazine. CG, along with Seventeen, are the two most popular teen magazines in America. Roberts will be giving a talk entitled, Am I the Last Virgin? What Your Mama Never Told You: Empowering Girls as Powerful Sexual Beings. I wonder if she’ll be mentioning Bratz Dolls in her talk? As I noted, Planned Parenthood — the leading abortion provider in the U. S. — is one of the conference sponsors. The rest of the sponsors list reads like a Who’s Who Among Major Pro-Abortion Organizations: NARAL Pro-Choice America, NOW, Feminist Majority Foundation, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, the ACLU, etc. Let this be a lesson to all of us: The battle between pro-life and “pro-choice” is not just about abortion. In fact, it’s never been just about abortion. It’s always been much more than that. The battle between pro-life and “pro-choice” is a battle between two radically different ideas about sex.


HT: Ruben at No Room for Contraception

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