Putting Their Beliefs into Action

A few weeks ago I wrote about Homeschoolers 4 Life, a brand new pro-life club in Lansing, MI. At their first meeting, the H4L members decided that one of the things they wanted to do as a group was to pray outside of a local abortion clinic. This Saturday, that’s what they did. One of their members, Saul, blogged about the experience, and brilliantly summed up the urgent need for us as pro-lifers to actually go out to abortion clinics to pray and offer help to women who don’t know where else to turn:

There are over one billion Christians in this world, if one billion people stood up and said no to something they would change the world. Jesus was beaten and killed because the good men in the crowd said nothing while the mob was screaming for his death. Evil gets powerful because good men do nothing. Who will we choose to be, the person who screams for the protection of an innocent life, or the person who condemns an innocent life to death by saying nothing?

Read the whole thing.

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