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The Parental Notice ordinance is an important piece of legislation that affects all of you in a personal way. It supports your rights as parents and protects your children from the predators who would want to keep their deception and harm of your children from you. As responsible adults we must support this ordinance. Let’s get this ordinance passed. When it’s all said and done though we still must remain vigilant against the forces that will harm our children. If you are following other blogs here, you are aware of the decision by the Portland School Committee in Maine to allow distribution of birth control products in King Middle School in Maine.

School to Offer Contraceptives By JERRY HARKAVY PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — School officials on Thursday defended a decision to allow children as young as 11 to obtain birth-control pills at a middle-school health center, saying the new policy is aimed at a tiny number of sexually active students. King Middle School will become the first middle school in Maine, and apparently one of only a few in the nation, to make a full range of contraception available, including birth-control pills and patches… Associated Press article

I personally oppose artificial contraception, but this issue is not about birth control. This is about the abolishment of parental rights by schools and governments. This is about who decides what your children are taught and when they will learn it. We all know that television, the internet and other media forms are dangers to family values, but our schools should be safe zones, free from immorality. Perhaps I am going off on a tangent to tie this into our movement against Planned Parenthood, but something about this smacks of the corruption of our values that we will be subjected to if we are not continuously on guard to protect our youth. This has direct correlation to the Parental Notice ordinance that Eric Scheildler presented on Wednesday. In the Maine case there is no direct reference to Planned Parenthood, but this is exactly what you can expect from organizations like Planned Parenthood and their supporters. Abortion is not their only evil. Patricia Bainbridge’s lecture clearly illustrated the agenda that Planned Parenthood is planning to infuse in our community. Their brand of sex education and underage access to services violates all moral sense and family values. We must be vigilant in our schools and non school youth organizations, (Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs etc.) Here’s just a sample from a PP web page titled: Human sexuality—What Children Need to Know

By Age Five

Children need to know that

  • touching their sex organs for pleasure is normal
  • a woman does not have to have a baby unless she wants to

Children need to be able to

  • seek privacy when they want to touch their sex organs for pleasure

Ages Five to Seven

children need to know

  • that people experience sexual pleasure in a number of ways
  • that everyone has sexual thoughts and fantasies and that having them is normal
  • that there are different types of caring home backgrounds
  • that sexual identity includes sexual orientation — lesbian, gay, straight, or bisexual
  • the health care system is supportive of their health and well being the basic facts about HIV/AIDS

Ages Eight to Twelve

about sexual behavior — preteens need to know

  • that sex is pleasurable, not only a way to have a baby
  • that masturbation is very common and that it is normal to masturbate

they need to be able to

  • feel that it is normal to masturbate
  • protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy

about human reproduction — preteens need to know

  • about contraceptive methods
  • about assisted pregnancy — that a woman does not need to have sex to get pregnant

about contraception — preteens need to know

  • that contraceptive options are available including emergency contraception
  • how to get contraceptives

they need to be able to

  • name a variety of contraceptives
  • discuss safer sex

This is just a piece of what they will teach your young children if they have their way. The list goes on beyond these, and into the teenage years. I’m sure you can only imagine the imagery that will accompany this education. Be involved with the school boards. Ask school administrators and teachers pointed questions about what they teach about sex and other issues of family values. They will not volunteer information that is controversial. Talk to your neighbors. We are a community with a shared interest in the welfare of our youth. Address the City Counsel and the Mayor. Write the Beacon News and let them know where you stand on the issues that affect your family. Most importantly, talk to your children about what they are learning. We can not be apathetic. We can not let down our guard. There is no doubt that Planned Parenthood and their partners in the Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education want to deny you your role as a responsible parent.

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