Pro-Lifers’ First Amendment Rights – New City Council Videos

Chief William PowellAs Eric captured in his Tuesday blog, the last City Council meeting addressed concerns over the growing restrictions on Pro-Lifers’ basic rights. With each new event, Aurora officials further erode our freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution – the right to free speech, the right to assemble peaceably – and this issue is now at the forefront of the Planned Parenthood controversy. Eric depicted a number of First Amendment violations in his speech, including those witnessed at the October 27 “Here for Life” rally. Dale Hammond also gave a first-hand account of events from that day, highlighting the confusing and conflicting directions given by the police. William Powell, the Aurora Chief of Police, then gave his version of events. The Chief seemed rather uninformed about the legal agreements in place for the rally – he questioned why the pro-life side had no permit, even though the City’s own outside counsel approved amplification for our speakers, without any permit requirement. The Chief included stern warnings for those who disobey his directives – “[I will not] debate with you why I’m asking you to do what I want you to do… you do not address that with me or my police officers in the street… if you do, you’re likely to get a free ride down to the police station.” Officer Powell concluded with a promise to “enforce the laws of this city, the laws of the state, and the federal government.” We can only hope and pray that he keeps his word. Pro-lifers have been exceedingly committed to following the laws in Aurora – it will be a pleasant change to have the city do the same and start enforcing the laws that protect our rights. Click Here for Eric’s Speech Click Here for Dale’s Speech Click Here for Chief Powell’s Speech

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