League Vows To Fight New Planned Parenthood Facility

PP Building [Click for larger view]

The new Planned Parenthood abortuary under construction on June 28 in Aurora, IL
See larger version [Photo by EJS]

The Pro-Life Action League is putting into high gear plans to fight the opening of a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Aurora, IL. The League learned about the facility in late June, thanks to a tip-off from a contractor, and began to organize the local pro-life community and hunt down more specific information about the abortuary.

Stories in the Aurora Beacon July 26 and the Chicago Tribune July 27 confirmed the League’s information that Planned Parenthood intends to move into a building under construction at 240 N. Oakhurst Drive (map).

League Communications Director Eric Scheidler—an Aurora resident—had visited the site earlier and photographed the construction underway. The building is just a block away from a middle-class subdivision and right next door to a Dominick’s grocery store and other businesses.

Planned Parenthood Tries To Sneak In

Public documents acquired by the League indicate that the building in Aurora is owned by Gemini Development Corp. The Aurora Beacon reports that Gemini is a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood, and in the Chicago Tribune, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area’s Steve Trombley admits the they kept the Planned Parenthood link secret.

PP location

The Planned Parenthood location is nearby homes and shopping [Photos by EJS]

If it opens, the 22,000 square foot site will be one of Planned Parenthood’s largest abortuaries—and the fifth abortion clinic in DuPage County. “DuPage County is becoming the abortion capital of Illinois,” Scheidler commented.

Aurora Pro-Lifers Mobilized

Years of activity praying, counseling and protesting at a recently closed abortion clinic in West Aurora have nurtured a solid core of pro-life activists in the area—and scores are joining the ranks as word of the new abortuary spreads. “Pro-lifers throughout the Fox Valley are ready to fight Planned Parenthood,” Scheidler said.

On Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 p.m., a community meeting will be held at the Prisco Center at 150 W. Illinois Ave. in Aurora (map) to discuss ways to deal with the planned abortion center. “We’ll try to stop it from opening,” Scheidler said, “but even if it does there is much we can do to keep Planned Parenthood from poisoning our community.”

National Expert To Help Local Pro-Lifers

PP entrance

Thousands of women will be lured through this entrance to have their unborn babies killed if the new abortuary opens [Photos by EJS]

“They tried to sneak into Aurora with this massive new facility, but we found them out,” Scheidler said. “Now they’ll try to sneak into our schools and lure in our children. We won’t let them.”

Scheidler has invited Jim Sedlak, Executive Director of STOPP Planned Parenthood to participate in the August 16 meeting and share his expertise.

Meanwhile, the League will begin leafleting the neighborhoods around the location in east Aurora and try to convince the contractors working on it to stop helping to build an abortion clinic. A protest at the site is planned for August 25 as well.

Said Scheidler, “We’ll use every peaceful means at our disposal to keep abortion out of Aurora.”

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