League Keeps Up the Pressure on Planned Parenthood

September 15 press conference [Click for larger image]

Eric Scheidler introduces clergy at the September 15 press conference following the Jericho March finale—See larger version [Photo by Drew Shadegg]

For the past six weeks, the Pro-Life Action League has been working nonstop to expose Planned Parenthood’s lies and deceit and to prevent them from opening their “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, IL.

The League’s multi-faceted activism campaign has prevented the nation’s largest abortion provider from opening its largest ever abortion clinic from opening, and has made pro-life activists out of hundreds of local residents. Thousands of pro-lifers have taken a stand in Aurora to tell the abortion behemoth that they are not welcome in this town.

League Launches Huge Pro-Life Campaign

Here are just some of the major components of the the League’s activism campaign against Planned Parenthood these past six weeks:

  • August 9: A 40-Day, round-the-clock Prayer Vigil begins at the Planned Parenthood site begins, and is set to conclude September 18, when the facility was scheduled to open
  • August 16: Over 400 residents attend a community meeting at the Prisco Center in Aurora to learn how to fight Planned Parenthood
  • Huge pro-life rally Sept. 25

    Hundreds of pro-lifers rally on Sept. 25 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

    August 25: Over 1,300 pro-lifers attend a four-events-in-one pro-life rally at the Planned Parenthood site

  • August 28: Over 100 pro-life residents speak out against Planned Parenthood at a seven and a half hour Aurora City Council meeting, with hundreds more pro-lifers in attendance
  • September 1: Over 500 teens and their families attend the Youth for Truth rally at the Planned Parenthood site
  • September 9: Segment on Hannity’s America on the Fox News Channel about Planned Parenthood’s deceptive practices features interview with League’s Eric Scheidler
  • September 11: 200 pro-lifers return to the Aurora City Council to urge the city to investigate allegations of fraud against Planned Parenthood
  • September 9-15: Hundreds of pro-lifers take part in a 7-day “Jericho March” around the Planned Parenthood building
  • September 14: The League’s Eric Scheidler testified in federal court to prevent the City of Aurora from halting the Jericho March finale scheduled for the next day
  • September 15: 1,000 pro-lifers attend “Jericho March” finale and major press conference on local clergy opposition to Planned Parenthood
  • Eric at federal court with press

    Eric Scheidler speaks to the press after the Sept. 20 hearing in Planned Parenthood v. City of Aurora that kept the “Abortion Fortress” closed [Photo by Sean Grismer]

    September 17 and 20: The League’s Eric Scheidler attended hearings in federal court with fellow Fox Valley residents and spoke to local and national media on the outcome: Planned Parenthood to remain closed

  • September 18: Men’s Prayer Vigil and Clergy Vigil held outside Planned Parenthood
  • September 18: League decides to continue the ongoing Prayer Vigil that began August 9 after a federal judge denies Planned Parenthood’s request to open September 18 as originally scheduled
  • September 18: Last-minute picket organized to counter Planned Parenthood’s “Meet and Greet” held in the facility’s parking lot

The League at Ground Zero

Youth for Truth Rally

Yvonne Florczak-Seeman addresses over 500 youth at the Youth for Truth Rally, Sept. 1 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The campaign to keep the “Abortion Fortress” out of Aurora marks a new chapter in the pro-life movement with the unprecedented level of cooperation from the local community, churches, and professionals who have brought their special talents to the battle against Planned Parenthood.

Even Planned Parenthood officials themselves are admitting that the fight in Aurora is Ground Zero in the abortion wars, and they are working on a national level to stop the Pro-Life Action League’s proven effective activist efforts. This fight has only just begun.

For up-to-date information on the Aurora Abortion Battle, including that large number of news stories on the effort, see the Families Against Planned Parenthood website launched by League Communications Director Eric Scheidler.

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