Positive Feedback on “Pro-Life 101”

Fetus I spent yesterday giving talks at Proviso West High School in Hillside, IL. The presentation I gave is titled “Pro-Life 101”, and covers several different topics, including:

  • Fetal development
  • How abortion became legal
  • Why do women have abortions?
  • What effects does abortion have on women?
  • What happens in an abortion?
  • How can we build a Culture of Life?

It’s a talk that Annie and I have both given to classes and youth groups dozens of times before, and one that we’re continuously tweaking. After each of the talks yesterday, I asked the students to fill out an anonymous survey — basically asking what their opinions on abortion were before and after the presentation. I haven’t had a chance yet to tally the complete results, but after glancing through the surveys, I am reminded of why I love my job so much. For one, I was happy to see that a large number of students had already been pro-life. And on top of that, many others who, before the presentation, believed there was nothing wrong with abortion, said they now believe it’s always wrong — or, at the very least, that it’s wrong under most circumstances. Several students also wrote comments on their surveys. I found this one especially powerful:

I learned alot. I thought at first when you get an abortion it was just an egg, but I see it’s not it’s an actual baby. And how the baby can feel the pain, too, which is wrong.

We know that teenagers are the most pro-life segment of our population. But the final outcome in the pro-life vs. “pro-choice” battle for the hearts and minds of today’s kids will be determined by how well we educate them. We must educate them well, or else this generation will not stay pro-life.

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