Planned Parenthood requires a shrubbery!

New wall of shrubs erected behind PP Greetings fellow pro-lifers! My name is Matt Yonke and I just came on as Eric’s assistant last week. I’m honored to be of service to the crucial fight against abortion. One of my first assignments was to head over to PP and snap some pictures of the newly erected wall of shrubbery [WAV] going up along the sidewalk where we’ve been praying. As you can see in the picture, this row of six foot evergreens puts yet another layer of ‘fencing’ between us and the facility. This is proof positive of the impact our prayers and our presence are having. PP isn’t going to let one abortion dollar slip through their fingers and they know the effect our band of prayer warriors has on their potential victims. They don’t want those women to hear or see anything that might deter them from going through with their decision to abort and they know that people peacefully praying for them as they come to the facility can do just that. What they don’t realize is that obstructing our line of sight will in no way hinder our zeal or the effectiveness of our prayers.

Memorial Crosses Taken Down

Memorial crosses from Saturday's rally uprootedAt Saturday’s ‘We’re Here for Life’ rally, over one hundred memorial crosses were placed in the ground along New York St., each with the name of a baby lost to abortion. These crosses were a beautiful reminder that the lives of these babies are not forgotten. Some time over the weekend, someone with a chip on their shoulder and a complete lack of respect for the dead uprooted all the memorial crosses and threw them on the ground. Bruce setting the crosses back in placeThe desecration of this memorial is an outrageous act and displays the disregard pro-aborts have for the memory of those innocent babies. But, like Abel, their blood cries out from the ground, and we will not let them be forgotten. Our faithful prayer warrior Bruce set them all back in place this morning. May their memory be eternal.

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