Planned Parenthood Lashes Out

PP Building in AuroraIt looks like our campaign against Planned Parenthood in Aurora is really hitting home. The national Planned Parenthood organization is getting worried.

Several members of Families Against Planned Parenthood have received phone calls asking for them to support Planned Parenthood by putting up a yard sign.

But apparently they aren’t having much success. One phone solicitor hired to make these calls to all the female voters in the area admitted that not many people are willing to support PP in this public way.

So they’ve also launched a ribbon campaign, calling on their supporters nationwide to sign up to have ribbons put on the trees around their new building here in Aurora.

And here’s what Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards wrote in an e-mail alert sent out today (emphasis added):

Ground zero in the fight for women’s access to reproductive health care just landed in a town in the middle of America.

Aurora, Illinois.

Aurora’s not really a town. It’s a fast-growing city outside Chicago where Planned Parenthood just built a large clinic. And ten days ago, the usual suspects in the anti-choice fringe showed up in droves—and by droves, I mean more people are protesting this clinic than we’ve seen for a long time.

I’m not sure how you square the idea that we’re the “fringe” with the idea that we’re “showing up in droves,” but Richards is right—Ground Zero in the abortion battle has become Aurora, Illinois.

In a statement on their website, Planned Parenthood is trying to smear our local, grassroots movement of regular citizens as violent extremists, and in a letter to our Mayor and Aldermen, they claim that the Pro-Life Action League has a “history of violence.”

In fact, the only violence to take place out at the Vigil site has been from the opposition. On just after midnight on Sunday, August 19, two people were arrested for kicking our memorial crosses and shoving a prayer volunteer. And on Monday, a 17-year-old girl was shot in the arm by a pellet from a BB gun fired from an SUV. The driver passed by once shouting obscenities, then drove by again and fired at the girl.

The truth is that the moms and dads, kids and grandparents, pastors and priests from the neighborhood who have come out to pray and protest as part of this effort are totally committed to being peaceful as, of course, is the Pro-Life Action League.

We’re used to these kinds of attacks. The opposition doesn’t dare confront us on the issues—abortion, chastity, family values, health care—so they try to paint us as extremists instead.

Fortunately, our numbers speak for themselves:

  • Over 1,200 area pro-lifers came out for the big Pro-Life Rally on August 25, compared to about 15 Planned Parenthood supporters.
  • At the City Council last week, only 2 people spoke in favor of Planned Parenthood, versus more than 100 opposed to it.
  • Over 500 teens, plus their families, came out for last Saturday’s “Youth for Truth” Rally, but not one teenager came out to support the new clinic.

And we’ve received nothing but praise from the police for how cooperative, orderly and peaceful we’ve been from day one of the Vigil, which began August 9.

The manifest truth is that we are the mainstream. Planned Parenthood lies when they say that they’ve got “overwhelming community support.” They don’t, and anyone can see that.

We’ve come to expect Planned Parenthood to lie. They lied on their permit applications to the City of Aurora when, wearing the mask of Gemini Development Corporation, they said their tenant was “unknown.” They deceived the Aurora Planning and Development Committee into believing a quiet medical facility was moving in when they knew what was coming would be a lightening rod of controversy—the nation’s largest abortion facility.

And they lie constantly about the physical and psychological harms of abortion, the effectiveness of contraceptive methods, the dangers of premarital sexual activity and even what abortion is. And they’re on record teaching underaged girls to lie in order to get abortions without disclosing the identity of their sexual abusers.

Fortunately, Planned Parenthood has now told so many lies that everyone is getting the message: Planned Parenthood lies to you.

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