League To Issue “Marching Orders” at March for Life

March for Life

Every year a hundred thousand or more pro-lifers gather on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Jan. 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, to march against abortion. This year, members of the Pro-Life Action League will be present to issue “Marching Orders” [PDF] to the pro-life masses, exhorting them to remain active in the fight against abortion throughout the year.

“The March for Life is a powerful, inspiring witness for life,” remarked League Communication Director Eric Scheidler. “Our politicians and judges need to know that we will not rest until protection is restored to the lives of unborn children.”

It’s Not Enough to March

But as important as the annual March for Life is, Scheidler says it’s not enough. “For unborn babies facing abortion,” he said, “every day is January 22, 1973—the day their lives are exposed to legalized abortion. So pro-lifers must do all they can throughout the year to defend those babies’ lives.”

The “Marching Orders” [PDF] handout declares, “God bless you! Today You Marched for Life,” and then asks, “But what about tomorrow?” The back of the handout lists specific things pro-lifers can do to continue their witness for life throughout the year with help from the League, including publically protesting abortion in their hometowns, praying outside a local abortion clinic and starting up a pro-life club.

“Participants in the March for Life care enough about the sanctity of life to travel to Washington and march in the dead of winter,” said Scheidler. “We believe they’ll be as eager to accept our invitation to get more active in the battle against abortion as we are to help them do it.”

More Info on the Marching Orders Campaign

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