Opposition to Planned Parenthood Getting Stronger Every Day

Jericho March Saturday’s Jericho March finale at the Aurora Planned Parenthood site was a great success, with an estimated 1,000 people walking, singing, playing instruments, and, most of all, praying for the “Abortion Fortress” not to open. We got some good media coverage, too:

  • See ABC News Channel 7 video here
  • See Fox News Channel 32 video here
  • See WGN News Channel 9 video here
  • See the Chicago Tribune story here

Here are a couple of slide shows from the Jericho March finale: The Fox Valley Clergy for Life also published a full-page statement opposing Planned Parenthood [PDF] in two local papers yesterday — the Aurora Beacon and the Naperville Sun. We took out a full-page ad [PDF] in those two papers yesterday as well to let local residents know what they can expect from their new neighbor. Be sure also to check out this post from the Families Against Planned Parenthood blog on the Baby Shower sponsored Saturday in conjunction with the Jericho March finale. Baby Shower The organizer of the Baby Shower had this to say:

One particularly touching moment today was when a woman who stopped by to drop off her donation said to us that she was once in need of this type of help and people reached out to her and now she wanted to donate and give back so others could be helped in the same way. You see, unlike the option of abortion, the choice of reaching out in love simply lends itself to an increase in love. It comes back around. And, unlike PP, these organizations don’t just provide a one time service and then wave you out the door. They are here to help for as long as they are needed and to provide pregnant women and new mothers with not only material assistance but with counseling support and spiritual encouragement. God bless these great people who work tirelessly to help women say “yes” to life under difficult circumstances.

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