On TV Tonight

**UPDATE, 7/26, 3:03pm: Wow — that was really bad. I’m glad I kept my kept my expectations low. JivinJehoshaphat has a brief summary of why the show was so hopelessly one-sided. A couple days ago I spoke with Joel Schwartzberg, a producer for a PBS show called NOW. He had called our office to let us know about tonight’s episode, “Post-Abortion Politics”. The YouTube preview is here: From the show’s website:

Does abortion cause long-term emotional and psychological problems for women? This week NOW introduces viewers to a new front in the effort to end abortions in the United States: claims of extreme negative effects on a woman’s mental health. Once focusing primarily on the unborn child, anti-abortion advocates see new hope in an argument that focuses on the women who’ve made or are about to make a fateful decision. All sides of the debate have been listening and weighing in, including the Supreme Court.

This will be interesting to see. Generally, whenever a show deals with abortion, I anticipate that it will be biased toward the pro-abortion side, so I keep my expectations somewhat low. However, if this show presents pro-lifers and their position as fairly as another PBS show, Frontline, did when it dealt with abortion a few years ago, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised – just as I was then. You can check to see if your local PBS station is showing it here. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be shown in Chicago — at least not tonight — but apparently it will be able to be streamed from the show’s site as of Monday.)

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