League to Demonstrate at Obama Announcement

Pro-Abort Barak Obama

Barack Obama has turned his back on the 1,400+ African- American babies aborted daily

When Barack Obama announces his presidential candidacy on February 10 at 10:00 a.m. at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, members of the Pro-Life Action League will be present to expose Obama’s ardent support for abortion on demand, for any reason, up through the very day of birth.

“Barack Obama is on record calling abortion a ‘personal tragedy’ that he deeply regrets,” commented League National Director Joseph Scheidler in a press statement. “Yet he was one of the staunchest supporters of abortion in the Illinois Senate.”

Obama’s 100% pro-abortion voting record includes opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, denying the right of babies who survive an attempted abortion to receive medical treatment. Scheidler remarked, “Such extraordinary disregard for the lives of the most helpless members of our society disqualifies Obama from serving as our President.”

Obama Must Face the Truth of Abortion

Members of the Pro-Life Action League and other Illinois pro-life groups will demonstrate at the Old State Capitol on Saturday, February 10, holding large graphic signs depicting some of the gruesome forms of abortion that Barack Obama supports.

“Obama calls every abortion a regrettable tragedy, and it certainly is,” said Scheidler. “We’ll be there to show exactly why abortion is such a tragedy: because every abortion mercilessly kills an unborn human being. We hope that seeing exactly what abortion is may cause Barack Obama to rethink his support for it.”

African-American Leaders Oppose Obama

Pro-life leaders in the African-American community are speaking out against Barack Obama. On the website ObamaNation, Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. says of Obama, “His hands have aided and abetted the abortion industry’s slaughter of the innocent and no other community is affected by it more than the African American community.” Childress notes that over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted every day.

Hiram Crawford of the Pro-Life/Pro-Family Coalition and other African-American leaders have also spoken out against Barack Obama for his extremist abortion record.

More Info on Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record

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