New Pro-Life Club!

Homeschoolers 4 Life Shortly after the March for Life, Annie blogged about Some Amazing Michigan Teens. Well, these teens have just started a pro-life club called Homeschoolers 4 Life — and they’re a force to be reckoned with. One of the members of H4L, Kathryn Turner, writing on the blog Unrecognized Talent, explains why they started the club:

We home schooled teenagers have decided that enough is enough: the world needs to know about what’s happening under the guise of a “Woman’s Choice.” Abortion: it’s one of those things that people hear about, but do they truly know all the facts? After the March for Life, we decided that it was time for us to reach out and show the world the true, horrifying facts about abortion. We decided to form a Pro-Life group.

In addition to discussing the general vision for the club, they also made some specific plans, including:

  • Praying daily for each member’s spiritually adopted unborn baby
  • Praying daily for Michigan’s “pro-choice” governor, Jennifer Granholm
  • Raising money for other pro-life organizations
  • Participating in a Pro-Life Legislative Day
  • Attending the 2008 March for Life
  • Praying outside of local abortion clinics

Toward the end of her report on the club’s first meeting, Kathryn writes:

It is a work in progress, but all good things have to start small: just like all humans start out in their mother’s womb. Hopefully, the word will spread, and more people will join our group. These babies need all the help they can get, and we’re going to try to give them just that.

Homeschoolers 4 Life, you’re off to a great start! Our prayers are with you!

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